How Natural Ambiance Improves the Landscape

When it comes to the layout of your landscaping, there are many things that can be attractive depending on your ultimate goals. One of the most alluring prospects that many find entrancing is the objective of providing a well-kept natural look. While you can just let the weeds grow and let nature take its course, that’s not the ambiance I’m talking about. The outdoors has a great deal of beauty, and bringing that beauty to your property can improve it in ways you may never have thought possible. What would this natural beauty include for the design of the landscape?

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1. Swimming Pools – There is nothing that says you need to have a swimming pool look like a mundane, cement, man-made construction. There are many ways you can alter the swimming pool to make it appear more natural.

  • Instead of a rectangle, why not vary the shape to make it look unique?
  • Line the edges of the pool with natural walkways made of dirt, stones, and/or plant-life.
  • Use darker colored rocks to line the bottom and sides of the pool to give it that “pond” look and feel.

You can still have all the lights, heated water, chlorine and other accoutrements that accompany a pool. Essentially, you are adding cosmetic changes which will not affect the functionality of the pool itself.

2. Nature Pathways – Instead of cement walkways surrounding your home, stepping stones that lead you through natural vegetation could make you feel like you’re on a forest trek. Trees, bushes, flowers and various other plants can be added to this “trail” to make a trip to the backyard feel more adventurous. If you wanted to add a bit more to the experience, you could add a small stream running along the path. Using solar powered pumps, this little stream could flow from one end of the pathway to the other giving more life to the experience.

3. Retaining Walls – Brick and cement retaining walls are efficient, but one made out of stones adds more of a natural appeal. These stones can be cemented into place providing the strength you need and the natural ambiance you may be looking for. Many people find lining constructions with stones provides an air of life to the area. Although stones are truly not alive, humans associate the look with nature – which is a product of life.

4. Lawn Scenery – As many will relish in using garden gnomes to make the yard feel more alive, some will go to the extent of producing a more natural scenery. For a western look, some may incorporate an antique wagon wheel and cow skull on a sandy patch of the yard with a few cacti strategically placed for the perfect look. The lawn can be a great canvas that can be developed in such a manner that the entire neighborhood could enjoy.

The landscape of your property doesn’t have to remain a blank green slate of grass and perhaps a few flowers. There are many ways that you can incorporate a natural look and feel to some of the blandest areas. Providing that natural look depends entirely on what your ultimate goals are and what kind of an ambiance you want your yard to display. Whether you use water or plants, yourself and your neighbors could get a more pleasant feel from your property.

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