How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home

A home is where the tired soul reposes after a gruelling day at work. This is why everyone looks forward to coming home to a house that lifts the spirits and where good times can be shared. As such, a home with natural light is favored by many. Having a home with natural lighting not only saves electrical energy, but it also provides a more positive vibe. Natural lighting instantly (and literally) brightens up a room without the owner having to pay additional energy bills.

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Natural lighting also has an array of positive emotional effects, such as:

  • decreasing mood swings
  • encouraging healing
  • boosting productivity
  • feeling more cheerful
  • feeling more rested and waking up earlier

Natural lighting also helps minimize spending on electric bills by up to 25 to 40%.


Maximizing Natural Lighting

A few easy steps can help a dark and gloomy room become well lit by natural lighting:

1. Install mirrors

–          Installing mirror tiles or just plain mirrors will enable light to reflect into the room, therefore maximizing what light passes through the space.

2. Use sliding glass doors

–          For houses that have a nice backyard, patio or garden, sliding glass doors are effective in letting the sunlight shine into rooms. There’s also the extra benefit of having natural solar heating.

3. New windows

–          Windows play a huge role in natural lighting. There are windows that can generate solar heating for the room and save on electricity costs. Replacing old windows in the house with windows with this technology will instantly work wonders.

4. Make the most of the light coming from outside

–          To make the most of the light streaming in from outside, pull back the curtains of windows or pull the shades up during day time. Try relocating furniture or other appliances that can get in the way of sunlight seeping into the room; this works especially well if the furniture is dark-colored. Keep the sides of the windows open as well.

5. Switch to a door with windows

–          Another way to maximize lighting is to have high security glass doors instead of the usual solid doors. The windows in these doors let light shine through rooms.

6. Install a tubular skylight

–          A form of tube that reflects light through a small opening in the roof, and cheap to install, tubular skylights are less expensive than average skylights.

7. Use light colors

–          Using light colors and shades of white can in interior design can lighten up a room and help reflect the natural light entering it. Paint the walls in white hues or cool, reflective and metallic hues and colors, and get sofa chairs and love seats in light colors.

8. Use light fabrics

–          Switch fabrics if you are currently using heavy ones like velvets and brocades. Lighter fabrics like linen and cotton can lighten the feel of the room and can induce a summery feel.

The above suggestions can significantly brighten up homes without burning a hole through wallets. Homeowners can choose to alter the natural lighting in just one room, or modify most of the rooms to give their houses a generally lighter, happier vibe. Homeowners looking for more major changes than the ones mentioned above can always apply for home loans to finance their goals.

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