5 Different natural ideas for cleaning mold of your home

Molds are creatures which do not fall under the category of plants and nor are they classified as animals. Molds are very different from plants. The former does not absorb energy through photosynthesis from sunlight like the latter. Molds usually disintegrate fallen leave, dead plants and lifeless animals. One can find the presence of mold both outside and inside. At home they can be unexpectedly discovered in food, on carpets and even in clothes. When they are outside molds tend to grow in soily areas and also in plants, which are about to perish.

Whether it’s black mold or the green stuff, if you notice this growth on your walls or surfaces you must tend to it quickly. There are a lot of options available in the supermarkets but your best bet is to use something natural that can effectively clean your home without making it toxic.


You need to stop the mold from spreading in your house because it is not only unhealthy for you and your family but it is visually revolting to see fungus growing everywhere in your home and causing you allergies and skin problems. The following five ways are sure to end your misery of dealing with these cringe worthy creatures!


You will need to use a dehumidifier to prevent molds from growing in moist areas of your home like the bathroom and the kitchen. The favorite place of a mold to linger is beyond the wall and underneath the cabinets. Moisture is the key here, as these fungi tend to grow only if the climate and temperature is right in a certain spot. A little moist is what they are looking for since it is ideal for breeding.

Keeping that in mind is sure to check whether your plumbing is faulty because that would be the cause of the molds hovering at your place. Make use of the ventilation fans at your place by cycling the air in rooms, which are susceptible to extreme moisture. Also be sure to get rid of the damp towel laying lazily on your bed and the damp rugs since these are some of the typical places for the mold to grow in.


Tea Tree Oil may be a bit costly than other eco friendly solutions but it is totally worth it. Just add two teaspoons of this oil with water and sprinkle this solution on hard exteriors where molds can be found. You need to rub the solution on the surface for a bit and this will stop the mold from growing further.


You can utilize vinegar by spraying it from a bottle on to the affected area. Scrub the mold with the help of a brush after leaving it for some hours. In case the smell of the vinegar creates an inconvenience for you, add a little oil. Research has shown that vinegar destroys more than 80 percent of mold, which makes one of the best remedies for killing mold. This is a surprisingly effective way to combat mold and the best part is that it’s natural.


Baking Soda can be mixed with water and vinegar or only with water. After liquefying baking soda in the vinegar-water solution or just water, you need to spray it over the surface. After letting it stay that way for some time, rub it off with the help of a moist cloth or a wet sponge. When it comes to baking soda, you do not need to worry about scent since this natural bactericide has a very mellow smell.

Another offbeat remedy for killing mold is the use of Hydrogen Peroxide. Spray this chemical compound from a container and leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that clean it thoroughly with the help of a scrub and then wipe away the remaining mold with a slightly wet cloth.


EPA states that when the temperature drops the air is able to detain much less moisture than in normal circumstances. If air does not move about freely in your room, that moisture will emerge on your walls, doors and floors. In order to improve free flow of air in your room, you should open all the doors in your house and shift the furniture way from the walls. This way fresh air will come in and lower the moisture and stop the mold from growing. Air Treatment System all the way!

It is important to get rid of these molds because they can be quite toxic. Aspergillus, Stachybotrys and Penicillium are some common molds found in homes. Toxic molds contain mycotoxins, which have a habit of expanding all over the building through the air conditioners, thus eventually harming everyone.

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  1. I just discovered that there is a lot of mold in our bathroom and it has spread to our kitchen. These are really good tips for getting rid of mold. I am really worried about my family so I will probably hire someone to remove the mold. I will definitely keep these remedies in mind for preventing future mold growth.

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