You Need To Know: Improve Your Room By Choosing The Right Bed

Did you know that people who live at the age of 80 have spent 26 years of their lifespan sleeping?

Sleep plays a significant role in people’s health, and choosing the right bed that we put in our bedrooms is a great way of improving your room’s look while ensuring you still get a peaceful sleep at night.

Not only does this affect sleep, but it also affects how we wake up each morning and it can influence the whole mood of our day.

Choosing the right bed could adjust the way you sleep and how you handle your day, and picking the right bed from an enormous array of beds can be a hassle. There are factors and criteria that we need to consider before eventually buying one.

Equip yourself with a couple of useful tips to make choosing the right bed for your room (and for yourself) hassle-free and effortless.


How The Bed Looks

how the bed looks

The look of your bed could contribute a lot to the look of your room. Before buying, you should feel confident about how a potential bed would look inside your room. Examine the design and style of the bed that you wish to purchase, especially specific parts like footboards and headboards, and to the shape of the bed, if it fits the style of your room.

Make sure to consider the final look of the bed. If you feel like it won’t fit your room, then look for other pieces. If you’re satisfied that it matches well with your style, then go for it!

Consider the Beds’ Size

When you’re planning to buy a bed, it is important to know what size you will be purchasing. Ask yourself the question if it fits your room, or how can you arrange the look of your room to the size of your bed.

If you are planning on buying a bed on some reputable sites like Beds Online, ensure that the bed is long and wide enough to fit the size of your body. After all, it’s you who will be sleeping in that same bed.

We all want pleasant and peaceful sleep, and when picking the right bed, it’s also vital to note whether you are sharing the bed with someone else, so that you will know how much space is needed between you two to keep you warm and cozy through the night.

A great way of starting to know that you have the perfect bed insight is to know that all dimensions are fit and right for your body, and is appropriate and perfect for your room.

Understand Your Sleeping Positions

Understand Your Sleeping Positions

Beds come in all shapes and sizes, and while you’re considering the look and size of your room, you should know yourself better as well.

According to The Better Sleep Council, our sleeping position could tell a lot about our personality. With many unique sleeping positions like side, back, and stomach, it is important that you have a good idea about the way you sleep.

Whether you record it on a video or have a friend watch you sleep, it is essential that you know how your body moves around your bed once you close your eyes and ready to head to dreamland.

By knowing better about your sleeping positions, and whatever it is that you do while asleep, there is a type of bed better suited for you more than the other beds.

Evaluate Different Kinds Of Beds and Foams

Different manufacturers have different names for all sorts of mattresses and beds, but there are only a few primary types. When you’re buying a bed and mattresses separately, it is essential that you have an idea about the basic types of beds and foams.

  • Innerspring Foam – innerspring foams are foams that support the weight of your body with coil springs. To increase the years of usage and to prevent the coils from breaking, most innerspring foams built today are separately enclosed.
  • Memory Foam – memory foams are foams that adapt the shape of your body while sleeping. You’re essentially sinking into it, and the foam applies equal and even pressure to all parts of your body. If you need to have a cooling surface when you sleep, this might not be recommendable for you as it tends to warm overnight.
  • Firm and Plush – as implied by their names, these indicate the firmness or “plushness” in the foam that you plan to buy. You can often see in retailers label the mattresses they sell with extra firm, firm, plush, and ultra plush to signify how soft or hard the foam is.
  • Regular Bed – a bed that most commonly used all over the world. These kind of beds are flat and can vary in different sizes like Queen Size, King Size, Super King Size, amongst others. This type of bed could virtually support any kinds of foams.
  • Adjustable Bed – this is the kind of bed that is bendable and can adjust and elevate to different angles. Because of its need to be flexible, using various foam types go into making these kinds of beds, like memory foams, or air foams. However, innerspring foams aren’t used that much since it’s difficult for the coils to handle the bending.

In choosing the right bed and foam, you need to know the type of foam that is best suited to you. Whether the design and style would look ideal for your room, and It would be better if you can see and try for yourself the various types discussed.

It’s best when you fully familiarize yourself with how the bed feels before considering to buy it.

Your physique could be a vital information in purchasing a new and perfect bed. Consider the feeling when you lay down after a day’s work. Do you feel any back pain? Does your neck hurt? If you want the best feeling when laying down, your physical situation and beds must match.

If ever you feel anything that’s weird and unnatural, consult your doctor and ask for help in deciding what kind of bed to buy. Different cases of pain go to various types of beds. For example, lower back and hip issues may need a different bed as compared to shoulder and neck issues.

If you don’t have the time, the internet is your friend in finding different resources to individual issues, but it is best when your turn to your doctor for help.


Being knowledgeable about how the bed looks are as important as ensuring the quality of the bed. Not only can you buy a bed that looks fancy for your room, but you can also secure that you get a goodnight’s sleep.

In the end, what you’re going to buy is going to be at your discretion. With luck and these tips, it’s guaranteed to give you’re going to choose the perfect bed for your room, and feel refreshed about it.

Erin Emanuel