The Need of Generators for Home

Power outages are not only caused by inclement weather. Increasingly they are caused by equipment failure or powerlines failing. Power outages cost US consumers $150 billion a year, of which weather-related episodes cause just 33%. Generators have become increasingly popular with homeowners who want to protect themselves from losses caused by power loss.

power-generatorsThere are two types of generators, portable generators and the more expensive fixed standby generators. I say more expensive, but they could be regarded as the cheaper option since Standby generators that are legally fitted will increase the value of your home substantially. A standby generator installed by a qualified electrician could cost $12,000, but it will add $18,000 to the value of your home. According to “Remodelling Magazine,” homeowners should expect a return on investment of around 150%. Check the actual costs of Generators For Sale.

Standby Home Generators

Standby Home Generators are the best solution for home use. However, they must be installed by licensed electrician and plumber. You may also need an architect to apply for permits with the department of buildings. Installing a standby home generator is quite complicated, and you will need to produce an approved site plan before you can complete the legal side of the installation. If you install a home generator without abiding by all the laws and regulations can result in DOB penalties, which can be expensive. You can also be ordered to remove the illegal installation from your building. An unauthorized installation will NOT result in an increase in value on your property.

To install your generator will mean that a qualified electrician to visit and assess what size of generator is needed to run your required appliances.

The benefits of standby generators are that the generator will automatically kick in if the power supply is disrupted. You do not need to be present for this to happen.

The thing about generators is that you might not think you need one until you are sitting there in the dark and cold. The time that you realize the value of a generator is when your house is bathed in light, your refrigerator works, and your air-conditioning or heater is functioning; and the rest of the sub-division is in darkness.

The reason that such care has to be taken with the installation of standby generators is primarily safety. Poorly installed generators can cause house fires and can also result in the death of power workers if they start sending power back up the power lines. This can injure and even kill utility company workers who may be trying to fix the problem.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are a much simpler affair. Calculate the total wattage of the good that you want to power during an outage and then buy a portable generator of an appropriate size. They also do not require the same sort of investment to obtain one. Of course, they will not have any effect on the value of your house and will need someone to be there to connect it and get it started when the power fails. You need to talk to a professional generator company to get individual advice.

Erin Emanuel