Never Garden Without Planning

There are many homeowners that tell you they garden without a plan. However, what they actually do is build a strict plan that is actually respected. No matter what gardening you do, planning is a huge part of the entire operation. Just as you take care of your home through maintenance tasks as with Summit Gutter Systems, when you work on your garden you need to be sure everything is done properly.

gardeningWhenever gardening there are some things that are really important and that have to be considered:

Based on these four factors, you create your very own gardening plan. We can tell you some things that will give you examples of such a thing. This should highlight the idea that you should never start gardening without having a solid plan in place.


Condo Gardening

When living inside an apartment or inside a condo, gardening is highly limited. Most people need to rely on flowerpot gardening. Alternatively, some consider patio gardening or windowsills gardening. No matter the case, gardening is still possible. Codes might be in place though. These have to be respected but there are ways around codes.

Private Home Gardening

Whenever you live in your own home, the rules are much lower than with condo gardening. Even so, there are some unspoken rules that are normally respected. For instance, in various different neighborhoods you will have problems with your neighbors whenever you break unspoken rules like “green grass only”. No matter the case, you can always garden and ignore the neighbors.

Mansion Gardening

This should be mentioned because of the fact that few people actually think they can garden when they own a mansion. Do not think like that since no matter the available space, it is possible to have a garden.

The Message You Want To Send

This is one of the most important things that you need to remember about gardening. There are numerous different options that are available so the choices that you make are mainly based on personal preference. What you want to say with your garden is what counts.

Start with the message that is made by the neighborhood. Are all yards green without wholes? Are they all rectangular and feature fake grass? You can start your work by doing the same thing that the neighbors do but you can also make a different statement. At the end of the day, if you want to create a rose garden, why not do that?


Obviously, there is no way around budgeting. You only have a finite amount of money that can be used for gardening purposes. Start by thinking about what you want to plant. Will you grow specific plants that cannot be bought from the local grocery store? You need to think about all such things since they will help you to properly budget your new garden.

In the event that you do not have answers, you can work with an experienced gardener. Get advice and take your first step towards the garden you always wanted.

Erin Emanuel

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