Need a New Heater? Here are Your Options

Nothing is worse than a heater shutting off and not working in the dead of an icy winter. The worst things happen regarding your heater, the more the bills will pile up and you and your family are inconvenienced. If your heater is acting up, always broken, or is just plain old, you may need a new one.

However, before you go out and spend time and money finding the perfect heating system for your home, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:


1. How old is your system?

If you just moved into a brand new house in the last few years and your heating system is acting up, it may not necessarily mean that a new system is the answer to your problems. However, if your system is 15 years old or more, it’s probably time to upgrade. Even without any problems, old heaters are less efficient than today’s, regardless of the brand. Upgrading to a higher efficiency rating will save you money in the long run, even though it may cost more for the equipment in the beginning.

2. What’s wrong?

If your heater just broke down or had a problem for the first time since you’ve had it, you probably aren’t due for a new system just yet. However, if it breaks down on a regular basis and you’re tired of constantly having to fix it, a new heating system may be the way to go.

3. How well do you know your contractor?

Your heating and cooling contractor says you need a new system. Great! But how much do you trust his or her expertise? Make sure to always hire from a company that is reputable, honest, and genuinely cares about the well being of you and your home. Most important of all, make sure they are not scamming you or taking shortcuts.

If you have asked yourself these questions and still think a new heating system is the answer, there are a few things you should know before going shopping. First of all, no two homes are alike. Just telling a contractor your square footage does not necessarily tell them what you need or how much it is going to cost. They need to know how much duct work or vents that are need for your system, if these items are already in the  home or not, or if more will need to be added to what you already have in your home. Heating and cooling contractors will also need to know the exact size of the heating system, BTU wise, that is required for your particular home.

When it comes to actually picking out a system, RHEEM equipment tends to boast a high quality. However, the perfect system for you will depend on your home itself. Cost wise, it is not plausible to make a general estimate. Each system’s cost varies, as each one is tailored to the particular needs for your particular home. On that note, cheaper is not always better. It may get you by for a period of time, but this is a throwaway world and the cheaper models are just that. However, the most expensive option is not always the way to go either. The cost of replacing a part in the future will reflect the cost of the initial equipment.

Before buying any system, make sure you check out reviews and warrantees available for each one.  By working with reputable dealers and doing your research throughout the process, you will secure a great system at a cost that is right for you. Be smart and stay warm!

Author Bio: Written by the staff at Controlled Air Heating & Cooling, where they provide the best solution for heating and cooling Moberly MO has to offer!

Erin Emanuel