Windows: New or Replacement?

If looking to update the windows in your home, you may be a little daunted by the number of different choices and options available. However, to make it easier, it’s well worth knowing the difference between the main two options: completely new windows, or replacement ones.

New windows

A new window generally refers to one that is installed in a wall space that didn’t previously have a window there. Therefore the one you go for with this option can take virtually any form that your wall space allows, including any shape, style and material. New windows are usually used when a room is being completely transformed; e.g. if walls are being reconstructed, or if you simply desire more light in a certain room.

Replacement windows

A replacement window is mostly used in the place of an old window that needs updating. Therefore, they are made to fit the existing frame and space. This choice is usually selected if the window frame is strong and sturdy, and is therefore in adequate condition to accommodate a new glass. If the frame has extensive rot or damage, however, a completely new window and frame is generally advised.

The next step

Once you have established, the choice you are going for, you can make the decision regarding the material and style you desire for the exterior appearance of your home. You will no doubt want to opt for a company that is raising the standard for replacement windows, or new windows altogether, so ensure that you conduct a lot of research for your home improvement project. Take advantage of showrooms that some of the better companies offer, so that you can not only get a real feel for what the windows look like, but so you also have the opportunity to discuss your personal situation and requirements with a professional.

The most common materials that are available include UPVC, aluminium and wood to frame your glass windows. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to each material, so it’s important that you look into each option thoroughly to understand best which one would work for your home and lifestyle. For example, wood frames provide a traditional and classic look, but they are often regarded as high maintenance, especially in harsh weather condition as they may require frequent painting. UPVC windows are a good, hard wearing alternative that tend to be lower maintenance, and provide a more modern appearance. However, this can mean they’re often costly to replace if necessary. Aluminium windows are usually the most expensive option which may be a large disadvantage, but they are regarded as being extremely safe and hardwearing.

Important things to remember when making your choice

Therefore, the decision process can be quite complex when choosing a new or replacement window. However, keeping certain things in mind when choosing new windows will make your life a lot easier and will mean they will last for years. Key things to consider include; cost, durability, safety aspects, aesthetic value, maintenance and energy efficiency.

Erin Emanuel