Don’t Let That Old Dying Tree Fester — Call The Pros To Remove It

Festering trees are a very dangerous element in anyone’s yard; they are literal time bombs waiting to go off and usher in all kinds of trouble. They can be dangerous to anything in their path, including property, cars, and even people. What many people do not realize is that if the tree happens to fall in their yard, it can cause someone to get hurt. If a tree falls in a homeowner’s yard and hurts someone, it is their responsibility. It can be a scary thought and although trees are deeply rooted in the ground, if they are dying, they can fall over easily and little can be done about it. If you have a rickety or wobbly tree, you need to contact a Marietta Tree Service and Removal Company  678IkeTree right away to come and take a look in order to alert you to any potential problems.

Apart from the dangers of falling onto things and people, another problem often associated with dead or dying trees is the effect they have on the value of a home. If the tree is weak and appears to need to come down, then it can detract highly from the curb appeal of homes — since potential buyers worry that they will have to absorb the costs of those future lawn care tasks.

Good-looking full-grown trees are known to increase a home’s value by 2-3 percent. Depending on the tree canopy, neighborhoods can share an overall increase in value of 15 percent, which is an absolutely phenomenal increase for a high end home in a neighborhood with mature trees. Drive around just to look at custom built homes in nice areas of your city and you will see how often they leave existing trees on the lot. Another value you might not consider is the shade value provided by a tree. Nothing is as nice as a backyard barbeque in the summer with a nice swath of shade keeping your family cool.

The umbrella-shaped growth of branches and leaves at the top-most portion of a tree or group of trees is called the canopy and if you want to improve the health of your lawn and the value of your home, a well-pruned canopy is both beautiful and healthy for the tree. A well-pruned, well-groomed canopy allows the tree to absorb as much sunlight as possible in tight areas and protects the tree from wind damage. A canopy offers shade and cover for individuals below while opening up the lower portions of the tree for improved sight lines and a spacious feel. But if you want the best canopy possible, call a well-trained Edmonton arborist from Chipp’s Tree Care to prune your healthy trees and remove unhealthy ones from your lawn. If you have a soft-spot for grassroots (pun intended) local companies that have the customer care and canopy knowledge, that can help you with tree pruning and tree removal, contact Chipps Tree Care for your Edmonton canopy care needs.

Nothing paints a beautiful picture of a home like thick, healthy trunks supporting robust branches reaching for the sky, with a thick, green canopy growing in the crown? Beautiful, healthy-looking trees add value to your home in a huge way, and that logic cuts both ways; a dingy, or sickly-looking tree will drop the value of your home in an instant. Contact Edmonton’s best tree removal experts to help you keep your healthy trees growing, and to help you remove your dangerous, dying trees. Your lawn will thank you.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that dead trees are dangerous to have in your yard. I have a couple of maple trees in my backyard, and they’ve been dead for a few months now. I’ll definitely look into having those removed by professionals so they aren’t a safety hazard. Thanks for the great post!

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