Wrestling With The Cluttered Home: 5 Easy Organization Fixes

Clutter can drive anyone crazy. When you’re busy and you don’t have a lot of time to clean, it won’t take long before your bedroom, living room and office is a disaster zone. Even though you might feel like you need weeks to tidy up the place, there are a few great ways to make organizing easy if you know what to do.

cluttered home


1. Decide what your goals are

It happens to everyone. They come in excited and ready to clean their entire home. After all, how hard could it be to clean the place up? They’re ready to tackle the mess all at once, and suddenly it hits them. All of this is just too much to clean in one weekend.
Before you start cleaning like a maniac, throwing around everything in your path, decide what your goals are. Some people work well cleaning one room at a time. Others do well cleaning parts of each room during the day.

2. Throw out what you don’t use

Many people tend to think that more is better. This way of thinking can get you into a ton of trouble when it comes to your space! Whether that’s your bedroom, office or living room, keeping too many things around can cause you to forget what it was like when you lived with less.
When you’re cleaning up, take a look at what you have. Examine every bit of it. Toss out what you haven’t used for at least a year or more. If you haven’t worn it for a year or two, you probably won’t wear it again. If you haven’t used it in your kitchen for years, you most likely won’t use it again.

3. Make high traffic areas usable places

There’s something about those high-traffic areas in our homes. We tend to put everything out there that doesn’t fit anywhere else. More than likely, we simply don’t take the time to sort through it and put it where it belongs. Whatever the reason, there are areas in the house that seem to collect junk quicker than others.
These spaces are usually areas where we spend the most time: living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and offices. The quicker you clean these places, the more motivated you’ll feel about keeping the rest of your home clean.

4. Store what you don’t use

When you’re cleaning your place, make an effort to see what you don’t use. Maybe that’s a few pieces of furniture from an old bedroom set. It could be a television, computer or set of speakers. Perhaps you need to store a filing cabinet of important documents.
Whatever it is, it’s better to place these items in a storage facility. Instead of letting them clutter your home, take them to a storage unit and protect them well.

5. Get a system in place

Once you have your place cleaned out and tidied up, you’ll want to figure out a way to stay like that! Make a system that works for your life. Take some time to decide what you can do every week and every day to keep your space clean.

Make a list of weekly chores to do. This way, you can set aside an hour to complete each task one by one. Next, decide what daily chores you should do to keep your home looking clean.

It might feel like too much to tidy and clean, but hold your head up high! Once you clean up your place, you’ll enjoy your fresh new area.

Information provided by StorageBlue, a self-storage facility in Hoboken, NJ.

Erin Emanuel