Summer home decorating tips when outdoor space is tight

Outdoor furniture brings people together. The mere idea of converting a garden into a comfortable setting for Sunday picnics and alfresco dinners is uplifting. During the summer season every homeowner should relocate their living rooms outside; unfortunately, when space is tight you have to make the most with the limited space available. Here are some smart home decor tips to widen a tiny patio and make it a relaxing Zen place.

Outdoor Space


Multipurpose wicker furniture

Patio furniture makes outdoor spaces seem both functional and comfortable. An easy-to-use dining table, basic chairs and some cushions are everything you need to transform a dull backyard into a soothing picnic spot. Furnish your cozy porch with classic wicker furniture. This material is weather-resistant, durable, and lightweight, so all the items will be easy to relocate. Choose multipurpose furniture if space is tight, and buy items with hidden storage compartments. Tables should have shelves and chairs should have special sections where you can place various garden items such as lamps and candles. Petite gardens are so intimate and comfortable that there’s no need to add a lot to make them seem bigger.

Smart use of color

The smart use of color is the best way of widening an outdoor space. Add plants in warm colors of yellow, red, and orange, and include matching accessories. Pillows in similar nuances and light colored umbrellas are items every backyard needs to look refreshing, regardless of its shape and size. The key to making an outside space seem bigger is to combine the right colors. Stay away from artificial, dark shades and keep things neutral. Pastels are in trend this year. Minty accents, light pink, and lemon are idea color palettes to include in your back garden.

Circular shaping

When designing a patio, boundaries are essential. If there’s not enough space, you have to work with what you have. Rectangular and square shapes are too traditional, and they don’t add width if they’re not properly decorated. Circular shaping on the other hand makes a space broad and spacious. The visual effect is also quite remarkable since there will be no corners to limit your patio and make it boxy.

Outdoor Space

The center of your outdoor space should be neat

Redecorating a patio or backyard can be so much fun even when space is limited. Don’t place huge sculptures, plants and tables in the center. That will make the area seem crowded and way too squashed. Keep the center neat and open to preserve the air of roominess. Tables and chairs should be positioned on one side of your patio. Thus, you’ll have plenty of space for other activities. Focus on the details and pick a style.

Large furniture pieces take up a lot of space, and they’re tough to move around. A less prominent alternative is to opt for built-in furniture. Make sure the materials are carefully picked. Wicker, wrought iron, and bamboo are excellent choices because they withstand harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor flooring

Outdoor flooring can add the illusion of space in the backyard. Timber, slate, brick, and stone look natural and modern. Use the same materials for the indoors, too, to create a continuous surface and fool the eye into believing that the patio is also part of your home. Match your patio’s bricks to your house’s walls, and stick to small paving to make it bigger. Create impact with bold shapes and interesting garden accessories like ornaments and pots. To create a livelier dimension, add layers. Mix different types of plants and flowers on one side of your garden, and match the colors with your furniture from the other side.

Outdoor Space

Transform your home’s outdoor area into an oasis of peace and tranquility. Install a pergola to have shade, plant small trees, and add flower pots, tables and chairs. However, furniture items shouldn’t be too voluminous because they will take up too much space. If your garden is incredibly small, ditch the table and the chairs and invest in a picnic table with build-in seating.

There are many ideas you can use to widen your garden, starting from multipurpose furniture to smart designing; choose what’s best for your outdoor space, consult a landscaper and check out DIY projects available online for some inspiration.

Erin Emanuel