Moving Your Home with 10 Essential Packing Tips

Moving is something that usually gets goose bumps when thought about. The happiness of moving into a new home or the excitement of moving into a new locality can be lowered by the amount of stress that one would go through by just thinking of packing and unpacking his belongings. This is when an individual may require moving tips and advices that will help him manage all these tasks without being stressed out. There are a number of commercial and residential movers that usually offer moving tips based on their experience with customers. These tips prove to be most helpful in order to experience a stress free move. Apart from the tips that focus on the entire process of moving, let us now focus on the initial stage i.e. the packing. The following tips will help you begin with packing in a way that will help you sort all your goods and carry them safely.


1. When do I begin planning the move?

A move needs to be planned as early as possible. This will surely take off some of your peace in the earlier days, but will help you prevent the stress that is usually caused last moment. Begin planning the day, the time and the sequence of things that you would like to work on every day.

moving your home

2.What do I start with?

The Packing supplies are something that you will need during the packing process. Make sure you have enough amounts of these so that you do not have to run about searching for them while you are packing. The most important things that may be required are some extra boxes, lots of packing tape, scissors and a cutter or a blade. Make sure you need not have to run to the stores looking out for it on the day of the move.

3. How many boxes and what would be their size?

The number of boxes that you will need can be determined by the amount of goods you wish to carry into a new home. You can make use of bags and suitcases to pack a few goods instead of purchasing boxes. The sizes of the box also depend on how you would manage to carry them. Although larger boxes can carry more goods, they might get heavy and difficult to carry. You will thus need to find out how much load you would wish to fill in a single box.

packing boxes4. Where do I start from?

One thing that you need to remember is to begin with a single room at a time. Labeling the boxes with the room that they belong will ease the process of rearranging goods in the new home. It is important to sort things room by room so that you have a clear idea about what you need to pack and what can be left behind.

5. How do I pack the major appliances?

Packing major appliances would require un-installation of these devices. They have to be carefully uninstalled so that they are installed in a working condition in the new house. Residential movers usually have contractors who help do this quickly. Although you may have to pay some extra amount for these professionals, you are assured that your appliances are uninstalled well and are in working condition.

6. How do I pack Plates and Flatware?

Make sure you provide enough padding while placing plates and flatware into boxes. This will prevent plates from getting chipped or cracked. Some kitchenware is often too expensive for us to bear any loss. This can be prevented by simply padding them while they are packed.

7. How do I pack the electrical stuff?

This usually includes wires, cables and other smaller devices. They can all be grouped in different polythene bags with labels on them. Wires and cables required by different appliances can be packed different so that they do not hinder the task of reinstallation.

8. Do I have to buy separate material for padding?

Padding can be done using anything that is soft such as a piece of cloth. You can make use of the clothes that you wear at home. They can help you in padding brittle articles. You can make use of towels or even some rugs for padding of such goods.

9. How can I manage the packing all by myself?

There is a lot to do and sometimes it is obvious that you may feel stressed out to do everything on your own. You can take a friend’s help or even ask a moving company to send some movers so that they can help you pack quickly. There are a number of movers who are well experienced in packing and can make sure that they handle goods carefully while they are being packed.

10. What do I include in the Essential Box?

The Essential box will contain the most important things such as medicines, clothes, towels and many others that may be needed before things are rearranged in the new home. This is a box that needs to be maintained separately and should not be mixed with the other boxes that will be carried in the moving truck.

These essential moving tips will not only help in a better packing process, but will also help you reduce the stress that you might experience in the future. Once you are done with this initial step of moving, you need not worry about the further process as it will run smoothly.

Author’s Bio:

Seb Hancy works for the company Go King Mover. He has been working in this company since 2013. Now he decided to write blogs so that his experience and knowledge may be utilized by others and thus people can overcome the major problem they face during moving or planning a move.

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