Penthouse Interior Design Ideas

One of life’s big decisions is choosing the right place to live. It can be a daunting task but the most common options are between a standalone home (or semi-detached), an apartment, or a penthouse. Apartments are more widely available, in varied floor plans and designs. For most people, they offer the ideal starting place when thinking of permanent residency. A penthouse interior offers more lavishness and space. Those with more fortunes have a lot of choices, with mansions being their default choice. There are however those enamored by apartment living and for them a penthouse is the most compelling choice.

Perched atop of high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums, penthouses are luxurious and offer the best amenities of the entire complex. The uninterrupted views of the surroundings together with private outdoor spaces make them ideal for the wealthy who want the best city living has to offer.

Penthouse Interior and Opulence

It’s easy to appreciate why penthouses are so highly valued. They offer a peace and tranquility that is hard to come by in urban dwellings. These houses are far removed from the noises of the streets below them. Since they are the highest residence of their building, they enjoy an abundance of light and fresh air.

Penthouse designs range from simple and homely to lush and extravagant. This means that your penthouse apartment will always stand out. And your penthouse interior can be designed in a variety of ways as you will have more than enough space to express your creativity. The most opulent have private access elevators, along with private gardens and pools, which give you the best of sky high luxury living.

If your heart is set on acquiring a penthouse, here are some unique penthouse interior designs that you can use to transform the space into something exceptional.


Penthouse Interior with Open Plan Design

penthouse interior

The abundance of space in penthouses means that an open plan design rules as the most functional one. Copious amounts of light flood into the interiors at all times of the day, so all areas are amply illuminated. The kitchen, dining, and living area can all enjoy their own personalities despite sharing floor space, with the transitional spaces being very well designed. Penthouse interior with open plans are optimal for accentuating the whole interior ceiling height notwithstanding.

Monochromatic design

Penthouse interior

White is a favorite color for many penthouses. Given the grandiosity of the space and the reflective nature of the color, it’s easy to appreciate why it is the default choice. However, the penthouse interior design color palette should only be limited by your imagination. For more reserved personalities, monochromatic styling is very alluring. The neutral appeal of brushed silver for appliances and black and white furniture is both serious and playful. The area is beautifully complemented by the wooden floors that bring warmth to the space.

penthouse interior

A different but similarly interesting approach is with white walls contrasted with black floors. It offers a more complete neutral look. This design allows the use of brightly colored accenting pieces, which in this case is a pair of leather clad bright colored seats. Wood can be used if more warmth is desired.

Penthouse Interior with Colors

penthouse interior

An alternative approach is to let your love for color shine. Red is a safe color to form the basis of your design as the red room aesthetic will never go out of style. This décor is predominantly red and black, and the two colors work in harmony to create a space that is both inviting and visually striking. The two white sofas encircle a petite cocktail table and offer a nice contrast to the red carpet and walls. The art works on the walls are great highlighting pieces as well.


penthouse interior

Penthouses are typically exposed to the best and worst of the weather. In those cold seasons, investing in good heating is a must. While a heating system might be integrated into the apartment, it is a perfectly acceptable idea to have a fireplace as well. It should be tastefully styled to match the styling of the penthouse while still offering a heating function. It is great for ambiance and mood setting. One perfect penthouse interior design execution is this floating fireplace that looks more like a work of art.

Ceiling Design

penthouse interior

Opulent penthouses offer an abundance of space both vertically and horizontally. In cases where the high ceilings are not an option, a lot more attention should be paid to the ceiling. If the penthouse is all on one level, the ceiling will be within the field of vision and should be appropriately designed to uplift the décor. There are many ceiling designs that work well, but some of the best involve the use of exposed beams, like in this quaint penthouse.

The richness of the white is perfectly balanced by the exposed trusses which also extend to the floor on the far end of the penthouse. Recessed ceilings can add the illusion of space while false ceilings can allow you to be artistic with the design.

Contemporary Stair Design

Penthouse Interior

For penthouses on two or more levels, the staircase design comes into question. Though it’s easy to overlook this important component, it can elevate your styling to a whole new level. Style meets substance in this bespoke staircase. Solid blocks of oak anchored on a concrete base is unsophisticated, yet classy, and modern looking. And it follows the design language of the penthouse.

Metal and glass are also desirable materials for the stairs, with a spiral design working well for contemporary styles. Leaving the underside of the stairs exposed lends some elegance to the design. For stairs that are next to the wall, a floating stair design is the most futuristic, and can be made from wood or glass.

Penthouse Interior with Curtains

Penthouse Interior

The grand design of penthouse windows makes for great picturesque views of the environment around it. This works when the penthouse is high enough for privacy not to be of concern. Should privacy be desired though, curtains work wonderfully well to enable it. They can be light and airy to only offer translucency, or they can be elaborate and heavy to blackout the room. The latter are especially perfect for the bedroom where darkness is desired for a fulfilling night of sleep.

The drapes or curtains should conform to the décor of the room they are located in. They should be electronically controlled as well as for convenient as they might be too heavy to operate by hand. For penthouses that are perpetually exposed to sunlight, curtains are necessary to prevent any degradation that UV rays can cause, like in the study room.

Lighting Design

penthouse interior

Daytime lighting in penthouses is of least concern as natural light more than suffices. After sunset though, proper illumination is required for functional and decorative purposes. Recessed lights provide enough ambient lighting for navigating around the apartment. Where ceilings are high and spaces are extravagant, accent lighting is better. Pendant lights, chandeliers, and inverted pendants work tastefully. Track lights can also be integrated into the design, and are more practical when there are points of focus around the apartment.

Penthouse Terrace

penthouse interior

Private terraces are one of the key selling points of penthouses, and they should be included in the design conversation in as much as they are part of the exterior.

In most cases, the purpose or outlook of the terrace is predetermined during construction. This does not mean you cannot personalise the space into your own. If the area is suited for outdoor relaxation, the choice of furniture should be comfortable enough to enable that purpose. This one features furniture choices that can be used for sunbathing on warm summer days. The adjustable roof means you can get the most of the sun when you need it. For a terrace garden the use of wrought iron furniture and potted plants can give the aura of an authentic garden.

Luxury living takes many forms, and the one presented by a plush penthouse is arguably among the best especially for the working class. These living spaces are very exclusive as most complexes only have one or two on offer. Most of them are designed to be customisable, so you will be able to define almost all non-permanent elements upon purchase. With this much liberty these penthouse interior designs should start you off on the right foot.

Erin Emanuel