Why People Are Changing Careers at 50

Nowadays, we see younger workers jumping from one job to another almost every two years, and most of the time, it’s all about money. Gone are the days when people worked for one company for 40 years and then retired. But how about those who are 50 years and older? Surprisingly, the same is happening to these groups of workers. Instead of jobs for life, a career change at almost any age has now become the norm. With more people living longer, this whole retirement age planning is redefined. In fact, a large segment of those over 50 years of age are now starting to become Entrepreneurs.

Changing careers may not be easy, especially if you’ve worked for only one or two companies for more than half of your life. There are challenges to face, and one of them is convincing yourself if you are ready for that change.

Career change infographic

Erin Emanuel