Get Perfect Protection for Your Bike With One of the Affordable Bike Sheds

Bike sheds are small but powerful. They protect a bikers prize wheels from the weather, accidental damage, and even theft. Bikes are not cheap at all, especially the specialty ones that lots of bikers now ride. It makes sense to do what is possible to keep them safe. One of the special affordable bike sheds provides that protection.

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Bike sheds come in different sizes, but most are rather small and cost less than other sheds. However, some people choose to have a shed that will serve as storage and a bike shed. This is not always a good idea; however, as there is more chance of damage to the bike, especially if more than just the bike owner has access to the shed.

Specially made bike sheds have specific dimensions that best suit the bike. The shed needs to have a way to lock it up in order to protect against theft or use by unauthorized persons. The sheds can be made from one of three different materials – wood, plastic, or metal. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Wood

Wood is the preferred choice of material by many. It is a natural material, blending well with the environment. It has a smaller carbon footprint those other materials, meaning the user is being environmentally responsible.  It can be added on to easily. This is important in case the person gets a second bike, or chooses to share their space with another person. The wood can be stained or painted to match the surrounding buildings if so desired. With just a stain and protective coating, they should last for many years.

Advantages of Metal

Metal is cheaper than wood. It is pretty sustainable, needing only a minimum of maintenance. It is easy to install, requiring only setting panels together and joining with screws. Most come as a kit with all panels, doors, screws, and other parts provided with instructions for installation. Normally, two people can erect a metal shed in one day.

Advantages of Plastic

Plastic may be the least desired material, but it has its own advantages. It is light weight, so easier to install. It usually comes in a kit with instructions for construction. A couple of people are able to put it together rather quickly. It is also easy to customize to make it blend with other buildings on the property.

How to Preserve Each Material

A little routine maintenance will help preserve these affordable bike sheds, regardless to the material used. They should be kept clean of heavy layers of leaves or snow. They should be pressure washed occasionally.  Periodic inspection will identify potential problems early enough to do preventative maintenance. Metal needs to be inspected for rust and treated immediately if any is noted. Plastic sheds need to be inspected periodically to be sure they are fastened securely enough to withstand storms. Wood needs to be inspected for signs of water damage. They will need to be recoated with a waterproof coating or painted as needed. That is all the maintenance routinely need for these affordable bike sheds.

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