3 Key Areas Where Photography Enhances Remodeling Jobs


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If run your own retrofit business, you can greatly improve efficiency and overall profitability through the use of modern photography, in conjunction with other important tools.

And for some of the applications we’ll mention below, it’s even possible for serious homeowners in the midst of a remodel project to make use of these tips with great benefit.

We want to focus here on three key areas: taking measurements from photos for use in remote manufacturing, use of up to date (very clever) photo-and-remodeling related apps, and how to advertise or share the results of a retrofit job online for the greatest possible impact.

Photogrammetric Measurements In Retrofit Work

Many modern renovation businesses are already making good use of CAD (computer aided design) software to lower production costs and shorten the time needed to create accurate, well orchestrated designs. And if yours is not, then you are falling behind your competitors technologically.

And there are a number of remodeling features that require the highest degree of accuracy and are inconvenient to manufacture on-site. For these, photogrammetric measurements taken off photographs via CAD software are especially crucial for optimizing efficiency and ease of production.

In particular, taking numerous and accurate measurements for kitchen cabinetry, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and lift-equipped or highly complex and ornate stairways, is a challenge. But with CAD software and a collection of photographs from multiple perspectives, it becomes easy.

You will no longer need expensive, specialized equipment to measure these things, and you’ll be able to handle production faster and at lower costs. That’s good news for everyone – contractor and homeowner alike!

Clever Photo-centric Retrofit Apps

Aside from cameras paired with CAD software, the next big step forward in technology that every retrofit business should make us of are clever, truly helpful apps. Here are three exemplary apps that are focused on both photography and remodeling:

  1. Benjamin Moore Color Capture. Ever see the “perfect” shade and hue but fail to match it later on? Use this app, and that problem is gone. The Benjamin Moore app lets you snap a photo from your smartphone, find an exact match among 3,500 options, experiment with color combos, and then (of course) find a local Benjamin Moore store where you can buy that perfect color!
  2. Homestyler Interior Design. This app lets you “virtually” redesign any room, inclusive of changing paint color, wallpaper, furnishings, and every other detail you can think of. Take some initial photos of the room, then simply redesign with your finger. You are freed up to cheaply, quickly experiment with your ideas until you find what will work best.
  3. EasyMeasure. If you need to take a quick measurement between two objects in any room, you can use EasyMeasure for a close, if not millimeter-level, measurement. This saves you having to constantly whip out a tape measure (and one person can handle it instead of two as is more convenient with tape measures.)

Posting Your Photos Online

Finally, we mention the importance of advertising your retrofit business’ past successes online, where possible future customers can see them and be impressed.

First of all, learn how to take the highest quality of photos possible, and take far more than you will use so you can sift through them later and post only the best picks.

Next, be smart about how you advertise or share your projects. Before and after pictures are great. But also do step-by-step “photo stories” that show how your project progressed. And be sure to include a wise variety of project types and elements and to equip them with short but informative photo-labels.

It’s a proven fact that people visiting your website or social media pages will respond more consistently and more positively to content that includes photos than to that which does not.

You may never have given a lot of thought to how big of an impact the right use of photography can have on a remodel project, but in fact, modern photo-related technologies are revolutionizing the industry.

Erin Emanuel