6 Strategies to Planning a Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Whether you plan to spend those warm, breezy, summer evenings entertaining or just relaxing, an outdoor living space is just what you need. It can be as elaborate or simple as you desire. The possibilities are limitless! Before you get started, though, check out the six strategies below, for creating the perfect outdoor retreat.


Consider space

You don’t need acres of land to create an inviting outdoor space. Even a small backyard can become a restful oasis. Before beginning, though, you must have an idea of how much space is available. Measure the space you plan to use and sketch a working outline of the area. This will help you visualize the shape and form of the space.

Look for examples


Search the Internet or browse through books and magazines to get ideas. Seeing what other people have created will give you some thoughts for your own natural haven. Try to find outdoor spaces that are similar in size to the one you want to build. This will help you tremendously in your own planning efforts.

Add paths and stonework

Nothing adds charm like the beauty of stone. There are hundreds of options available in pavers and stone. Use them to build a patio, pathways or planters throughout your outdoor space. Try building a pond or other water feature, because few sounds in nature are as soothing as running water.

Liven it up with plants

No oasis is complete without greenery. Place lots of plants throughout your outdoor space. Choose plants of different sizes, colors and shapes to add variety. Be sure to use some variegated and light-colored plants to catch the glow of moonlight. Plant flowering shrubs to add vertical interest and fill the remaining spaces with colorful and fragrant flowers.

Brighten it up with lighting

Strategically placed lights will give your outdoor space appeal and safety. You can install wired lights, or you can choose from many styles of decorative, solar lights. Be sure to install some along the pathways, near the seating area and around water features. Or if you are feeling creative you can illuminate your outdoor space with torches, hanging lanterns and candles. Just be sure to take extra precaution with these items as they pose a potential fire hazard.

Time for furniture

Comfortable furniture is a must for your new outdoor space. Patio Shoppes of Coral Springs & The Palm Beaches suggests adding lounge chairs or colorful Adirondack chairs. Earth tones may look pleasing to the eye in your living room but in the outdoors, they blend too easily into the surroundings. And while black furniture has become trendy over the last few years, it will become very hot in direct sunlight. Also, remember to include a nice table for entertaining family and friends.

Now that you have made the choices for your outdoor living space, it is time to start building. Be sure to use equipment wisely and observe important safety practices. Most of all, have fun creating the perfect outdoor refuge.

Erin Emanuel