How to Plant Sod in Ontario

Image Credit: slgckgc

Image Credit: slgckgc

Who knows about the color green? Everybody does but something deeper! Green is part of the rainbow and part of the basic colors of the painters. But there is even more to this color that is close to ones homes and yet always forgotten.

Sod! The best cover of a lawn is green and the natural green. Sod has got that color and keeps the lawn more beautiful. But it takes a talent to do that. Not everyone can do that. Cultivating is one thing but there is planting comes first. Just like an engineer who designs machines or buildings, it requires a real professional to deal with sods in Ontario or any part of the world.! Even more relevant would be a surgeon with his or her lively hands doing those operations which decide the patient’s life. Even though a plant in the hands of a professional is different from the patient just described, there are still similarities.

  • They both need good hands, and really good ones. A skilled person about pod is the secret behind all beautiful lawns. That person knows how to plant, be it in squares or whatever shapes desired. Planting may seem trivial as that of plant like the common corn.
  • But there is something different with turf. Pod planting is related to the ground levels and the water available. So how to do that really matters. Especially in Ontario! Early fall stands first when it comes to planting here. It is natural to ask why. The late season of the very fall answers why.
  • It buys it time! The duration required for the pod to grow and grow is all there. By spring, the pod is well established. And in the summer it is like a rich green carpet. Now, are you interested about sod or not? Sure you do or you are not really you! I mean who hates the heaven? And yet not anyone seems to have really seen it.
  • This has got nothing to do with mocking or anything. But our imagination of the heaven is that of safety, comfort and especially security. This has always been mine since childhood. What color comes to you when you think about the heaven? Of course the color of pod! Green! Now let us do this in Ontario. Let us first be garden designers. Is it square, round or what? Our garden to be! Next let us plant the pod.
  • We are pretty good if we did that early in the fall. In that case, not only us but also the pod is lucky. So the pod born in the early fall would be a healthy teenager late that season. And by the spring the pod is a young, productive and beautiful mat of green! How nice in the summer too.

Back to the beginning now! A good beginning is half a finish as I heard and as I believe. And so it is about pod. Planting the sod should be of particular interest or the pod itself would never be there in the first place! But not just an ordinary planting! One needs to be knowledgeable about the right place and the right time to do that. In Ontario, you can do that any time but not ideal as such. It is the perfect location but the perfect time needs attention.

Planting early in the fall makes the pod healthy and nice. Late in that season, the pod would be a teenager of green. By the spring, it is young, rich and fruity. The summer is beautiful too with the mature pod stretching like an elegant mat. Green and nice as the heavens!

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