Playroom Storage: What to do with the Chaos?

Children are such a joy, I have three of them. However, no matter how much fun they are the chaos is what will bring you down. One of the main places that children’s chaos arises is in their playrooms. It can be even worse when you don’t have a playroom and all of their stuff is stored in their bedroom. On top of that, try putting two children in the same room and now you have double the chaos all bundled up into one. Take a deep breath and relax as there are some ways out of this chaos.

Play Storage


Stuffed Animals

If your children are anything like mine they can’t get enough stuffed animals. Each of my boys has at least 30 different stuffed animals that they love to keep on their beds. Of course this gets crowded and distracts them when it is time to sleep. Follow one of these brilliant ideas:

  • Pack all of the stuffed animals in a zippered bean bag and put it into the corner of the room. This would make for a nice seat for the child as well as storage for the stuffed animals: double in one.
  • Put the stuffed animals inside pillowcases instead of using pillows. This allows the child to keep their favorite stuffed animals on their bed while keeping their bed organized as well.

On-the-Wall Storage

Playroom storage

If you have to put two children in one room space can become very limited. That is why it is important to use the space that isn’t normally used and get things off from the floor. On-the-wall storage is a great storage opportunity. You can take advantage of on-the-wall storage by:

  • Hanging baskets on the wall and storing smaller items such as blocks and tracks in them.
  • Using shelves to hold smaller toys and cars.

Under the Bed Storage

playroom storage

Have you looked under your child’s bed lately? Most likely there are toys just stuffed under there in no order whatsoever. If you want to control the chaos under the bed follow these great tips:

  • Use rolling bins to store toys in (try to remember to use lids and remind the children to make sure the lid closes). If they can’t close the lid there are too many toys in one bin.
  • Store bags of out of season clothes and blankets in the back under the bed. This will keep these items out of sight until they are needed and won’t have to take up closet space or dresser drawers.

If you have a playroom you are one step ahead of most and you can still stay as organized as possible with storage containers. However, most of us have to store our children’s toys in their bedrooms. If this is your situation, the above storage tips will save you from chaos running you down.

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