How does the Plumber Know what is Blocking the Drain in your Home?

Dealing with blocked drains in your home is never a good experience. It’s something that the majority of people will have dealt with at some point in their lives and it’s something that you probably dread happening in your home. If you do experience a blockage in your household drains there are plenty of things that may have caused it. You are probably wondering how it’s possible to tell what the cause of a blockage is; after all you cannot see down the drain.


The truth is that even professional plumbers do not always know what has caused a drain blockage. That being said, plumbers have a wealth of experience which helps them to recognise what the most likely causes of a blockage are. We are going to take a look at some of these causes.

Why might your household drains be blocked?

There are many reasons why the drains of your home may become blocked.  If the blockage occurs in your kitchen drains it is probably due to grease and oil being poured down the sink. This mixes with remnants of food which goes down the sink and a blockage forms. If the blockage is in your bathroom drains then it’s probably caused by a mixture of hair, dead skin and soap scum. Toilet blockages can be due to something as simple as flushing too much toilet paper.


How can you resolve a drain blockage?

You can see that drain blockages are caused by everyday objects and circumstances; this is why they are so common. So how can you resolve a drain blockage once it occurs? The best way to approach a blocked drain initially is to pour boiling water down. It’s worth noting that you should only do this if you have metal pipes in your home, not PVC pipes. If the blockage persists you should use a plunger to try and relieve it. Given how common a blockage in a drain can be, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a plunger nearby should you need one. You may also want to invest in a drain snake which you can slide down the drain if you need to remove a very stubborn blockage. If you are having problems removing the blockage then it may be time to admit defeat and get in touch with a plumber in Sydney to help. Professional plumbers are trained and have plenty of experience so they should be able to clear a blockage in your household drains.

It’s worth remembering that, even given their wealth of experience, plumbers do not necessarily know what is blocking a drain; what they do know is the best ways of removing the blockage. We have told you about some of the most common causes of drain blockages and about how you can try and remove them. If you continue to experience problems with a drain blockage, maybe it’s time to call the professionals.

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