Popular Home Trends for 2018 – A Focus on Outdoor Living Space

Right around this time of year, when the holidays have come and gone, it’s time to take on new projects because money is actually starting to flow again. All the gifts have been bought, paid for and given, so now it’s time to do a bit of remodelling or renovating as our gift to ourselves. If you are looking at popular home design trends for 2018, one thing you’ll notice is a huge focus on adding outdoor living spaces. But first, let’s talk about some shifts in interior design trends for 2018.

Brighter Colours Are Trending

According to a recent article published in America’s Washington Post, colours are trending this year. However, not just any colours are suitable for interior design this year but bright, bold colours with eye-popping appeal. Many interior decorators around the world are moving away from white kitchens with stainless steel appliances and going for bright bold walls with an array of coloured appliances and sinks.

popular home trends

It will be interesting to note which major appliance manufacturers will start adding colour to their line as in days gone by when everything was that boring light olive green which was trendy in the 50s and 60s. Colours may be back, but they will be anything but boring!

Expanding Outward Rather than Upward

For the past decade or so, loft and garage conversions were trendy around the globe. Families that had outgrown their current home but were not yet ready to buy a new one simply went about adding living space. In recent years, that focus has been on adding outdoor living space which offers anything from family rooms to kitchens and even garden bedrooms, sometimes open on at least one side to the open air.

These outdoor living spaces can be attached to the home or as a separate unit in the garden or back yard. For families that entertain a lot, it is definitely worth considering a Bali hut to serve as an outdoor BBQ and kitchen or as a covering for a sauna or lounge area near a pool.

Sleeping in the Comfort of an Open-Air Bedroom

If you look around the internet, you will find that some of the most highly-rated luxury hotels around the world actually have open-air bedrooms that cost a small fortune to stay in. Who says a Bali Hut can’t serve as an open-air bedroom at your house? That’s luxury at the highest level and if you get the right Bali hut, the 30° sloped roof is waterproof to keep torrential rains from dripping down as you sleep. A large enough roof provides all the protection you need yet keeps the ‘room’ open enough to sleep in tranquillity under those dream-inspiring night luminaries.

This year, home design is trending outwards with a focus on outdoor living space. If you really must do the interior at the same time, choose bold colours for any and every room in the home. Even so, who would even want to spend much time indoors when you have that beautiful garden room, that outdoor living room, or bedroom to enjoy? Certainly not you! Check out Bali huts and you’ll be one happy camper, in more ways than one.

Erin Emanuel