A Guide To Pre-Sale Makeover

The home selling process is without a doubt a very daunting task. Of course, if you want to sell your house, you want it to be sold quickly and at the price you want. If you don’t have the right knowledge and skill to do such, it is wise to get expert help. Among the experts you can ask help from are the property stylists.

Property stylists know what exactly to do in order to sell your house fast. They have the right know-how, skill and experience to make the home selling process a lot easier, faster, and more efficient. Although you might spend some of your finances in hiring such professionals, know that the results outrun your expenses. In fact, these professionals will not just speed up the selling process but they will also help you increase the selling price. They will help you make your home more enticing and attractive to possible buyers.

presale makeovers

Always bear in your mind that when preparing your home for sale, the very first rule is do not do anything extreme. Be aware that the people who will be inspecting your property come from different backgrounds. Also, these individuals have different tastes and preferences. So even how much you love to paint your lounge room or porch with orange or pink, it is still advisable for you to try to keep colors conservative and mainstream.

A Pre-Sale Makeover Guide

The Entrance – The entry to your house must be welcoming. However, it must not be overly cluttered. You have to keep the colors neutral and warm. In case you have a polished timber floors, a rug can actually add warmth.

Living Rooms – Similar to the entrance, you have to keep the living areas of your home warm and comfortable. Consider placing furniture close together so that when potential buyers are seated, they can comfortably chat with each other. You have to choose a focal point for the room – this can be the fireplace, a piece of art or perhaps a television. Refrain from placing a lot of accessories. You have to remove precious artworks, awards or your family pictures. Instead, you can add a great effect with cushions along with a selection of simple photographs. In case you have a small living room, it can help if you place mirrors in strategic locations – this will make the room look larger. And if you like to create a sense of height, you can make use of tall accessories that take up many horizontal spaces.

Curtains & Blinds – Changing the window treatment is considered among the quickest ways to enhance a room. It is important for you to change old curtains with more modern blinds or shutters as this will allow more light to enter the room and appear more fashionable.

Architectural Hardware – You can install new knobs and handles on drawers in bathrooms, kitchens, and on your bedroom furniture to enhance the appearance of these rooms.

Exterior – Regardless of whatever style your property is, the first impression will always start from the street. Thus, you have to ensure that your paintwork is fresh. Also, consider keeping your lawns and gardens well-manicured. Most importantly, ensure that the pathway from the street towards your front door is to remove leaves along with overhanging branches.

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