How to Print on Magnetic Sheets

What are Magnetic Sheets?

Magnetic sheets are type of printable sheets made of magnet on which we can print anything we want and make decorative. Magnetic sheets are as easy to print as we print ordinary papers in our daily lives and ink jet printers are best for printing magnetic sheets. The Magnetic sheets are very thin as papers and can be cut easily with the help of scissors or else a paper cutter and these magnetic sheets are ideal for a variety of craftworks and these magnetic sheets are not meant for any type of outdoor purposes.


Magnets as we all know are very fascinating objects and are even very useful to mankind. Magnets are not used only for decorating our refrigerators in the form of cartoons, memos, good grades and many more. Besides these uses of magnet, it can also be used to form number of beautiful and different craftworks (craft projects), such as Magnetic toys, Calendars, and many more decorative items such as magnetic holders, pen stands, etc.We can perform these craftworks easily we can use magnetic sheets in our home using inkjet printers through which we can create any type of decorative or functional magnet projects quiet easily.

Procedure to print on Magnetic sheets

As we all know that we can print on magnetic sheets very easily and to do so we require certain things which are as follows:

  • A Computer with MS word program,
  • An inkjet printer in order to print the sheets,
  • Usual printer papers, and
  • Printable magnetic sheets.

Following steps should be followed in order to print on magnetic sheets:

  • In order to start, first of all we need to open MS word program in our computer.
  • After opening MS word we need to create the document which we want to print on the magnetic sheets, including any words, photos or shapes which can make the sheet more attractive and decorative.
  • To test the quality of print we need to print the document on casual printer papers to make it sure that it comes out how we want, in case if we feel that the document is not up to the mark then we can edit the document or else we can continue with the same one
  • After the test print of the document if we want we can make any desired adjustments to the document and after some test prints we would get our desired effect in the print.
  • Now remove the standard printing paper form the printer and load the printable magnetic sheets into the printer in the same way that we would load standard printer papers in the printer.
  • Now the final turn comes to print the desired document into the magnetic sheets, once after the prints are out let them dry for few minutes as because inks need to dry and after the magnetic sheet has dried up, it can be used according to the document printed in it.

The application of magnetic sheet ranges from daily necessary industry, Motor Stators, electronic & electrical industry, rotators, printing and decorations, etc. The size, shape, and magnetization pattern can be manufactured accordingly to user’s need. Now day’s magnetic sheets are very relevant in making decorative with those sheets. Magnetic sheets are user friendly sheets and do not cause any harm to the users, not even the object on which it is placed. Magnetic sheets can be bought at very low cost as these sheets are very cheap in market, and just with few magnetic sheets we create various beautiful decorative for our house and these printed decorative magnetic sheets can be used in ways mainly as decoratives

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