Ideas for Your Privacy in the Garden

You appreciate your neighbors keeping an eye on your belongings and letting you know about any suspicious looking people around your house, just as long as… you’re not home? When your neighbors appear too watchful, shades or blinds might do the trick, but the issue remains whenever you go outside – for example, how to enjoy a tea or having your friends over at a garden meeting.Whether your nearby residents seem too inquisitive or you just wish you had a bit more of “your ownspace”, you might want to take a look at our list of best ideas for your privacy in the garden.


1. Fences

A regular fence is one of the most commonly chosen options supposed to add a feeling of solitude in a yard. It is also the only one of the “privacy barriers” which is created out of a solid material, such as wood, metal, stone or other. Even though a fence may seem slightly overwhelming, especially when blocking out the view completely, it can be decorated on the inside or even used as foundation for other garden devices and ornaments to hang on.

garden fence

2. Perimeter plantings

If you feel you would rather go for something more easy on the eye –yet still shielding you from unwanted looks – planting your favourite trees, shrubs or flowers could serve as a nicely looking alternative. The more diversified the range of chosen plants, the better overall appearance of the garden, though you may also want to adjust your decision to a certain style and design you have in mind. Additionally, layered plantings could function as another stylish accessory, and just as well shelter you and your guests from detailed examinations – almost like a tall fence.

Perimeter plantings

3. Fountains

Fountains can serve as both a classy addition to your garden design and your secret weapon against foreign ears. And so, if your goal is to keep your private conversations stay this way, you can choose from a wide range of decorative fountains and put one wherever you feel would suit your needs best. There is one thing to remember, though – a fountain itself could get noisy, and it is advisable to equip yourself in a pump to be able to control this issue.

garden fountains

4. Patios

An ideal way to keep your personal life out of anybody’s vision and hearing is opting for a glass patio, which will simultaneously act as an extension for your house – ready to serve its purpose in any weather circumstances.Large windows create a feeling of close bond with nature, while protecting from outside sounds and allowing for free exchange of thoughts. Optional blinds or dark-tinted windows will not only help retain solitude,but also cushion the impact of sunlight.


5. Pergolas

Half-shielding pergolas are a great idea when you feel like adding a touch of privacy and separating a place to relax or invite guests to, yet maintain the proximity with nature. Marking a special spot in the garden, a pergola-covered place can be treated as an area for personal meetings, while the rest of the yard remains open and bright.


Whatever your taste in materials, styles or designs, you’re free to choose from a variety of privacy protecting garden enhancers – to shelter yourself from onlookers and eavesdroppers once and for all.

Author Bio:

Monique Craig is an Australian blogger and marketing specialist, who currently works for Oneflare, an Australian online marketplace, which connects customers with service providers.

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