Home Improvement: 5 Jobs to Leave to the Pros

Even if you’re handy with a saw and other tools, there are some home improvement projects that are best left to the professionals. While you may feel perfectly capable of building a new floating deck or changing the colors in your home, there are key projects that should be left to the pros. With the right tools and skills, they can complete a job faster while ensuring that everyone remains safe.

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Electrical Lines and Outlets

Replacing a switch or ceiling fan is one thing, but you don’t want to start adding power lines and outlets to your home. The loads on any given circuit are limited by the size of the circuit, so you need professionals to determine how to safely run more power to your home. Skipping this step can increase the risk of fires and places your family in danger.

Removing Walls

It doesn’t really matter if the walls are load bearing or not, you really need to confer with a professional before moving forward with this project. If the wall is structural, then a bulkhead will be required to redistribute the overhead load and preserve the structure of the home. Walls also may have plumbing, wiring and ducts hidden inside them, and you may need professional assistance to safely reroute these items.

Finishing the Attic

Even if your attic has the required headspace, you still need to have an engineer review the structure to see if it can safely be turned into living space. Most builders only give the attic floor the necessary supports to finish off the lower level ceiling and keep the roof intact. However, you’ll need to have those supports improved before the attic can handle the added weight and vibrations that come with being a regular living space.

Installing a Sump Pump

In theory, sump pumps are very simple. Water is diverted to a central pit where it can be removed by the unit. However, there are countless considerations that you may not be aware of, including the pressure necessary to lift the water out, how far from the house it should go, and what angle the French drains should be placed at.

Working with Plumbing

Even if you know how to do some basic plumbing, you should still leave the pipe repair and septic services to the professionals like those at Alberta Water Services. While water may leak and cause some damage, if your septic system becomes backed up and can spread bacteria and become a serious health hazard to you and your family. It may cost a little to have a professional cap off, move or install gas lines, but it is worth the investment for your peace of mind.

It can be hard to call in a plumber or electrician when you feel like you could probably do the job, but you should remember that the professionals have the right tools and skills to get the job done safely. They’ll finish the work in an efficient manner, and that allows you to just sit back and enjoy the new look of your home.

Erin Emanuel