Tree Planting Tips From Specialists In Tree Service

Trees provide several benefits to the surroundings and people, making them a welcome addition to practically any residential or commercial property. They can help improve the air quality while regulating temperature inside a home or a building. They provide shade on a warm, sunny afternoon and help keep soil erosion at bay. On top of these, they can beautify a property or even a community.

However, there are many instances wherein trees can be considered a nuisance. The problem often stems from two reasons: the tree is unsuitable for the climate, or it has been planted in the wrong area. In order to prevent these problems, experts specializing in tree service Ottawa, IL can trust offer these tips for property owners who wish to plant trees on their properties.

This is the Way to go

The first thing that you need to do when you want to have trees on your property, according to the specialists in tree service Dixon, IL locals can rely on, is to choose the right species of trees. A suitable tree will thrive in the local climate while an unsuitable tree will only perish and attract pests and diseases. Unsuitable trees may also become safety hazards when they die.

Homeowners should also be aware of how tall and wide a tree will grow to upon maturity. If you are unsure whether a species is suitable, you can ask the advice of professionals long established in providing reliable tree service. Rochelle, IL locals will find that they can provide invaluable advice and tips.


Once you have selected a suitable species of tree, the next order of business would be to find the right spot to plant it in. Avoid planting trees beneath power or utility lines and equipment. Trees should not be planted next to buildings, sidewalks and street signs as their roots can undermine the stability of structures. By following these tips, you can prevent the need to call in experts to prune the branches of trees which may get entangled in power or utility lines. Note that wayward branches can lead to power disturbances or even other emergencies.

Before getting your shovel to begin digging, make sure that you won’t be damaging underground utility lines placed beneath the soil. Before planting trees, make sure to call utility companies and inquire whether there are lines below the ground where you intend to plant trees.

The final Step

Finally, remember that trees need more than regular watering and sunshine in order to thrive. They also need to be fertilized and the soil they grow on may need to be amended from time to time. Indeed, they are like human beings, they will also need the right food and drinks so they can be healthy at all times. For these tasks along with other related services, you can actually enlist the aid of professionals. These professionals have the right knowledge, skill, as well as equipment to perform such tasks. They will also provide you with valuable pieces of advice so you can properly take care of your trees.

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