Four Innovative Roofing Services That Protect Your Dwelling and Roofing System

If you contact a roofer, you already may be experiencing a leaky roof or problems with the flashing around your chimney. That is why you should review the roofing services that you can access for repairs or installations. The following list covers these services and reviews their scope.


roof-replacement-companyRoof Replacements and Installations

Roofs are replaced or new installations are made when roofs are worn, faded, or storm-damaged. Replacements may involve replacing a metal, tile, shingle, or cedar shake roof. Some roofs are slanted whilst other roofs may be flat. If the roof is flat, it often features an EPDM rubber roof. You will find this roofing material frequently on commercial properties.

This robust synthetic rubber roofing membrane is called ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) and is widely used today on lower sloped buildings. The two main components, ethylene and propylene, are extracted from natural gas and oil.

When roofs come in sheets or panels such as EPDM or metal, they are less expensive to install as it takes less time to install or replace the roofing membrane.

Roof Repairs and Preventative Maintenance

Another one of the roofing services that is performed by a roofer is repairs and preventative maintenance. Depending on the roof, the maintenance and service requirements may vary. For example, if several shingles tip off of a house during a storm or a tile becomes broken, the repair is minimal and the damaged area is addressed.

Besides the roof, roofers may also direct their energies to cleaning the gutter or replacing the fascia. The fascia is the part of the roof system that safeguards the lower edging. Gutter cleaning is important as it keeps the foundation from getting damaged by water after a heavy rainstorm.

Adding a Skylight or Daylighting

Some roofers install skylights or daylighting in homes or offices to provide natural lighting and increase energy savings. This type of roofing service is trending as it lowers energy costs and reduces the cost of cooling. This type of roofing service is used often by companies as it “reflects” well on the management. It shows that the owners really care about their employees and that they are demonstrating both fiscal and social responsibility.

This type of roofing service may extend to classrooms and to retail outlets as well. In fact, some studies show that there is a direct connection with reduced absenteeism in schools when daylighting or skylights are installed.

Following Sustainable Roofing Practices

Part of preventative maintenance, following a sustainable plan for caring for a roof is also supported by roofing companies. To promote this type of service, a roofing company will assess your roof and give you a report of the findings. The necessary repairs are performed at the time.

Today, a roofer can use an infrared roof scan to find issues with a roofing membrane. In turn, repairs can be scheduled that will replace wet insulation without the need to totally replace a roof.

Using an online form of communication can help homeowners as well as roofers manage a home’s or building’s sustainable roofing paperwork. The system consists of a home’s or building’s documentation as it pertains to the tracking of work orders, roofing budgets, and roof warranties.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. It’s a great point that if your shingles are torn off during a big storm, it’s usually not that big of a deal to replace them. My roof is almost 25 years old so it should get replaced entirely pretty soon. I’ll share your article with my wife so that we can work together on finding a roofer that works well with us.

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