Protect Your Farm with Perfect Style of Picket Fences

A fence is the most significant part of the infrastructure of any farm. It is such an item, which will last for several years and will also save your valuable time and money besides guarding your farm. However, you will have to think of your present and future needs before buying the fence.

Picket Fences

Farm fencing is accessible in different varieties and a range of materials. However, the one you choose depends highly on the definite number of the available options of fencing. It is also good to know the maintenance needs of the particular farm fence that you have in your mind. Farm fencing requires great care and consideration because it encloses all the resources of your farm. The location of your farm also matters while installing the hedge. There are some zoning rules, which must be considered, and it means that you must discuss with the area authorities.

One of the most popular options of fencing in farms is picket fence. Installing this type fence has several advantages; it will smarten up that entire area at a comparatively low price. While making a decision on the installation of the picket fence, you have to consider the various types as well as designs, which are available. Some other options like spacing among the pickets and also the overall figure and the length of these pickets will have to be considered.

Options of Different Picket Fences

When most individuals consider picket fencing, they generally think of buying the short varieties that are just a few inches in height. The picket fence of these heights may really give some appeal to your farm, but it will not give much amount of privacy.

Still, it is possible to find a picket fence that offers privacy if you prefer one with almost no spaces among the pickets. Moreover, the pickets applied in this sort of fence are very high, usually between 6 and 8 feet. It means that no one will be able to peep over its top. However, though privacy fence offers a lot of advantages, it has only few pitfalls. As the pickets are nailed together very strongly, they can never expand from heat or moisture, so eventually this may cause warping.


If you are not much concerned on privacy, you can go for the spaced picket fence. A spaced fence has a certain gap between every picket, which offers more traditional appearance. The width of gap can be altered depending on your need; however, anything from 1 to 6 inches is usual. The pickets utilized in this sort of fence are likely to be little shorter, as they are available at about 4 to 6 feet. Of course, you can change it on the basis of the look that you wish. Because of the space between these pickets, a spaced hedge allows the separate pickets to expand, and it means that they are less expected to crack or bend outwards. Another benefit of these fences is that as there are fewer pickets, it costs much less.

Shadowbox Picket

This hedge merges the features of both the types of fences that are stated above. This fence gives privacy without completely walling off from your background. When you are utilizing a picket of four inches, the gap between each of these will be 4 inches. The other line of pickets is nailed onto a different side of the hedge that covers up the space left by the space of 4 inches. As this method makes use of more number of pickets, this can be slightly more expensive. But, it appears more attractive than a normal picket hedge and even makes peeping into the garden very difficult.

Lattice Top Picket

If you wish to have a more complicated look, lattice top picket hedge can be your best option. It is mainly manufactured with a privacy hedge. However, when that has been placed, parts of the lattice are put and then secured on the top portion of the pickets. These lattice panels generally differ in length as these may vary from six to ten feet, and are fixed to both the ends of the pickets and the posts. The additional lattice works not just adds some factors of detail that are missed by the other fences, but even gives an extra height.

Material of Fence

  • Vinyl- Those who wish a different appearance than typical wood will choose the options presented with vinyl fences. Dust can be easily removed from vinyl fences because of their sleek, non-porous surface. Moreover, these qualities also make it easy to eliminate graffiti. Fences made of vinyl will not split or break. They do not get termite scratch, mold or dry rot. They are also resistant to fire. Installation of this vinyl fence is uncomplicated as all you have to do is glide the bars into the posts and then secure all posts into the land.
  • Wooden-Wood fences are also affordable to install and its initially cost is considerably less than the vinyl ones. They also combine well with blossoms and plants for natural look.

Cost of Fencing

It depends totally on whether you want to install these fences yourself or not. However, it would be wise to appoint a professional for picket fencing, because they will be competent to do the task appropriately and provide you with a protected fence, which would last for several years. The cost of materials may vary. Ask the local tradesmen for some plans as they can tell you something on the low cost items when you are on a limited budget.

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  1. I have a lot of property and i am wanting to put fencing around it to keep the animals and neighbors off of my property. I like the idea of going with a lattice top picket fence to give my property a little more privacy. That way it would look natural with the lattice i will plant some vines along the fence so it will almost look like a hedge. That sounds like exactly what i need.

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