How To Protect Your Home From Unwanted Visitors

Many people don’t think about how secure their homes are merely because they assume that a break-in just won’t happen to them. However, they can and do happen, and it’s imperative that your home is prepared for the possibility. Here are a few ways you can protect your home from unwanted visitors.

Home Security System


Use The Old-Fashioned Window Lock System For Backup

old window lock

If your windows already come with decent locks, don’t underestimate a criminal’s ability of breaking past them. To avert this, use a long rod to place in the windows tracking so that even if the locks or broken, it physically still won’t move. People are much less likely to walk away if the break-in isn’t easy and quick, and breaking windows are often too loud obvious for them to want to try it. This is a cheap option that has proven to be effective.



Make It Appear That You Are Home

If you’re worried about unwanted guests while you’re away from home, the best way to keep your home safe is to make it appear inhabited. Leave a few lights on in rooms that have outer facing windows, and make sure that there’s a vehicle or two in the driveway. Criminals often turn away from breaking into homes that appear currently inhabited. A timer for the TV to be on for a while in the evening gives your  home the appearance of normal family activity. Be sure to have neighbours or family members pick up newspapers and get the mail daily, as piles of newspapers or mail is a sure sign that someone isn’t home.


Keep Your Garage Door In Top Shape

One of the many mistakes people make when performing security audits on their home is forgetting to check their security doors for weakness or damage. A damaged or weak garage door is a great way for criminals or animals to easily gain access to a home, warns professionals at Precision Garage Door. Be sure to have your garage door checked or repaired by a reputable company. This way, you can easily get a safety inspection and diagnosis for any security risks that stand with your garage door.


Invest In Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting

Outdoor Motion Sensor

Criminals and animals move more freely and confidently in the thick of night, but when they are visible under lighting, they are much less likely to make any sort of attempt at finding their ways into places that they shouldn’t be. Place motion sensor lighting around your home to significantly cut down on the chances of a break-in. Motion sensor lighting will also give you the heads up of anything unusual going on outside if you happen to notice them turn on at night time.



Adopt A Dog

Lastly, a dog is a great deterrent for criminals. Sometimes, the bark alone from a suspecting dog can be enough to turn a criminal away because the canine is essentially alerting everyone in the house of their presence. Even small dogs that can really do no damage to an invader is effective because of the noise it makes to alert family members of unusual activity.

Keeping your home safe and protected from criminals doesn’t have to be an expensive security system endeavour. By following these tips, you can avoid making your home an easy target while protecting it from theft.

Erin Emanuel