Protect your Home this Holiday with Wireless Home Security

Home security has changed in recent years. It has grown more popular than ever before. This is due in large part to the fact that the security equipment has become so much more affordable, useful and tamper-proof.

Whether you will be traveling or at home during the holidays, it means a great deal when you know you can protect your family. Ensure your home is safe from break-ins and burglaries, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, and from significant financial losses that could make getting through the New Year difficult.

The following are important reasons why wireless home security for your home is better than some of the other systems, specifically those that require wiring:

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  1. Wireless home security is easier and less expensive to install. Thanks to important changes in technology, the installation of a residential wireless home security system is quick and less time-consuming than the hard wired alarm systems.  Less time ultimately comes down to less money making wireless security very affordable. Plus, since there are no stringing wires through walls or tapping into phone systems, it is not messy.
  2. Upgrading or adding components to the security system are quick and easy too. A wireless home security system is designed to be scalable– which means you can easily add, delete, and change the system to meet the needs of your family very easily. Updated technology comes available all the time; but you can simply add a new component to your wireless home security system. Thus, your system is never out of date.
  3. Increased range is another benefit of wireless home security.  If you would like to extend the coverage area to parts of the home that are not very easy to run wires to that is not a problem. With a wireless system, you can simply add motion sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, etc. and connect them to your wireless home security system remotely.  Just be sure the devices are all positioned in areas of the home or property that never drop below 32 degrees.
  4. Reduced tamper-ability. The new wireless home security systems are far more tamper-proof than the old-fashioned, wired systems. If any aspect of the system experiences a fault or failure, it will automatically call the monitoring service. Even if there is a service disruption with your local Internet provider and the Internet is down, the system immediately switches over to use the cellular network instead.  So now there is no need to worry about burglars cutting your phone line prior to attempting break in.
  5. Wireless systems are a perfect platform for home automation. The new home security systems are not only about an alarm system any more.  There are some very powerful and cost-effective home automation features that can be integrated into these security systems. A few of these features include thermostat and lighting control, manipulation of entertainment and recording equipment, remote lock access, and more.
  6. Many of the newer wireless home security systems are practically maintenance free.  In the past home owners were required to maintain their security system by doing tasks like replacing batteries, checking sensors, and manually checking the status of the system.  Today’s wireless home security systems will send a signal to alert you if anything requires maintenance.

As you can see there are many pros to installing a wireless home security system.  In “a nut shell” the wireless systems will provide a high level of advanced security and advanced monitoring at a very affordable price.  However, just being sold on wireless home security system does not mean any system will be suffice.  Your home alarm, whether it be hard wired or wireless, should be designed to fit the needs and lifestyle of your family.

It is important to understand what, if any, vulnerabilities you may be exposed to and have a security system designed so that it will be effective and also enjoyable for all members in the household to use.  It will only do its job if it is activated so be sure to install a system that fits the skill level of those who will be using it. For example you may not want to install a very advanced system with numerous settings and features if the primary user is a senior citizen. A well versed security consultant will be able to design the system that is right for you.

It is time that you consider protecting your possessions and family this holiday season with a wireless home security system for your NJ home.  Wouldn’t it be great to start off the New Year with peace of mind!

Author Bio:  This article is authored by the content management team at GuardMe Security. We are a trusted provider of home security in NJ for over 15 years. Our goal is to design and install outstanding wireless systems for home security in NJ to meet the needs and budgets of our customers. Contact us for a free quote & read our customer reviews.

Erin Emanuel