How to Protect Your Home from Insect Damage

Having bugs in or around your home can be very creepy especially if you are infested. Insect infestations can destroy your home without you even knowing it. Insects are great at hiding and often build nests in deep, dark regions that go unnoticed for years at a time. There are many ways to deal with insects, with solutions ranging from the obvious to the not so obvious.

protect your home from insects


Keeping Bugs Out

The first and most important way to prevent an infestations is to seal off all entry points. It is crucial that you seal all doors and windows to keep bugs from entering in the most obvious locations. You must also seal any cracks in the foundation, as bugs will commonly enter through the basement. However, cracks in the roof can also cause a problem, as well as the openings around the plumbing and ventilation units.

Moisture and Vegetation

Many home owners fail to consider that insects required moisture to survive. It is one thing to clean up your food, but a leaky pipe can attract bugs as well. This is also a concern for the outside of the home. Plants near the outside walls will create constant moisture that lures insects to the home. It will not be long for the bugs to go from outside to inside. Be sure to trim all vegetation that is near the home to prevent such an issue. A few nice plants around the outside of the home is fine, but simply be aware of what those plants attract and keep it under control.

Reduce Clutter

Insects love privacy. In fact, they require it to reproduce and cause an infestation. You cannot keep every inch of the home exposed, but your chances of preventing an infestation are greatly increased when your home is clean and orderly. Keeping piles of loose objects in any room will attract unwanted visitors. Clutter also makes it easier for leaks to go unnoticed, which can create a perfect storm of infestation.

Pest Control

It is a good idea to hire a pest control company, even before an infestation occurs. A professional team like those from Romar Pest Control in Grand Island, NE can help seal your doors and windows and perform many other tasks that will help to prevent an infestation from ever occurring. They will offer advice that is specific to your home, which will help to avoid a costly problem down the road.

Pest control is not fun, but it is important for every home owner to consider the possibilities and do what they can to prevent an infestation. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t see the occasional bug roaming around your house. You really just want to keep your home from being infested and keeping the bug count down and to a manageable level. Schedule an inspection with a professional pest control team if you have any concerns. It could save your home and more importantly it will protect your family.

Erin Emanuel