Protecting Your Home from Solar Damage

With the never-ending stream of snowstorms recently, it’s understandable that half the nation is suffering from spring fever! Most of us would do anything to be able to enjoy a day in the sun. Well, take heart! Spring is not too far away, and we’ll soon enter the season of home improvement, gardening and fun in the sun!

Sun Protection

One spring cleaning chore that is often ignored is taking the necessary precautions to protect your home from the sun. Solar radiation can fade the color of your exterior paint job, damage your furniture and if your windows are not properly protected, it could even put your household at risk for all the ailments that can come with increased sun exposure.


What Sun Damage Can Do to Your Home

There are several ways your home could be damaged from the sun like:

▪      Reduced durability of the materials used to build your home. As the powerful sun-rays penetrate the exterior of your home, the wood can become weakened, discolored and more prone to other external elements.

▪      When sun rays find their way into your house, they can cause furniture, wood and fabric to fade.

▪      The sun can add a few degrees to your home making your air conditioning system work even harder and your electricity bill higher.

Solutions to Protect your Home from the Sun

Sun Protection       Sun Protection

By applying the right methods of protecting your home from the sun, you and your home will be free from the harmful effects that can be caused by the heat of the sun. The best solutions in the market today that you can use include:

UV Protective Windows, Drapes and Blinds

You can keep harmful rays from shining through your windows and into your house, by installing windows with UV protective glass. These specialized windows block harmful UV rays and reflect light.

Exterior Painting

Painting your roof and home exterior with light colored paint can help reflect the rays of the sun away from your home. Experts from Angie’s List state, “The higher the solar reflective value, the more efficient the product is in reflecting sunlight and heat away from the home”.

Sun Screens and Patio Covers

Sun Screens and Patio Covers can provide much needed shade for your home on a warm day, blocking the sun from entering your home. You can also benefit from sun screens and coverings outside your home on a day when you want to get outside and enjoy the weather. Sun screens give you the benefit of the added light, while blocking harmful rays. Patio covers, on the other hand, are usually made of fabric or plastic.

Planting flowers and other home plants and trees

Another simple solution to protect your home from the sun is to install plants and trees in and around your home. Plants provide shade fro the exterior of your home and improve the oxygen quality within your home.

Take Control with Preventive Measures

Taking preventive measures towards protecting your home from the sun can save you money in the long haul while preserving the beauty of your home. By protecting your home from the sun, you are also protecting your family from harmful UV light. These preventive measures are vital to a comfortable, radiant home.


Author Bio:

Mark Weiss is a fully licensed Florida contractor and the owner of Southern Aluminum Installations Inc., a Florida based corporation that has been providing the highest quality screen enclosures and friendly attentive service for over 25 years.

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