The Psychology of Color and Home Design

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There are numerous ways of improving home design in order to make your home more beautiful. One simple method is the use of color psychology to add aesthetic value to the appearance of a home. Perhaps you already know that the use of different colors in the interior design of a home or office affects our thinking and emotions. Different colors have been known to produce different effects. Some create a more relaxing environment than others while others give a feeling of excitement.Designers and home builders home builders use different colors and color schemes to create varied atmospheres in homes and offices.

The psychology of color for designs has not been around for a long time. It is only now that it is gaining popularity with the realization that it affects our emotions and the need to impose different emotions into different settings . It is nowadays being applied in home designs, business and advertising.

When choosing the color to use in room design, the wonderful thing is that you have the opportunity to choose from your favorite colors. For instance, red color is seen as a color that represents power. But if it is in the workplace, it may impair performance because people associate it with danger and warning.

Orange color brings a feeling of warmth and enthusiasm. This may assist you to enable guests feel warmth and comfort at your home. It also increases appetite as does the red color which is common in hotels and restaurants.

Orange is similar to yellow. Yellow is cheerful and it brightens a room. It is invigorating and is bound to boost your energy. On the down side, it contributes to eye fatigue and strain. If you have to choose it for your home, you should go for the soft tones. If you have a baby in the room, you should not choose yellow for that room because studies indicate that babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms.

Green color is associated with good health and tranquility. In workplaces, green is preferred as workers report less instances of stomach aches. Home designs use this color for the same reason. Additionally, it is similar to the environment and gives a feeling of closeness to nature.

Blue is mainly used in office designs than in homes. It is reported to be a color that inspires productivity in a work environment. It is peaceful and calming and in some instances, it is reported to reduce appetite.

Purple color evocates wealth, royalty and success. It is therefore good for both home design and office designs. It is relaxing for people with stress and is good in a stressful work environment. Lilac or lavender shades are relaxing and are therefore good for your home design.

As discussed above, different colors have different impacts to wherever they are painted. They add to home decor and also contribute to the emotional environment within a home or office . From the colors discussed above, you can choose the one that best suits you and add it to your interior home design. If you use the right color, you home or office will always give you the best feeling and inspiration at all times.

Erin Emanuel