How to Put Your Closet in Order

It’s an early morning and you are late again. You are going through your closet and you are trying to pick a good outfit. You find all kinds of clothes, but not the ones you want to wear. Almost all women have gone through this situation. The reason this happens is the wrong way of organizing our closet. How can we create order in it?

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You will need extra help for managing this task. And no, you don’t need an expert for this. All you need to do is invite one of your friends. You will be able to go through all of your clothes and get rid of everything useless with her help. Your sincere friend will give an honest and objective opinion on which of your clothes best suit you and which don’t (even though you think they are the perfect fit for you); she might as well hint what’s already old fashioned and it will help you decide even easier what to throw away and what to keep.

The purpose of this “exercise” is – first – go through all of the clothes in your closet and sort them out into three categories:

–  clothes, which suit you and you wear them regularly

–  clothes, which you wear very rarely, but are classical models and are still not old-fashioned

–  clothes, which don’t suit you and are old.

After doing this, you will have to carefully go through the clothes from the first category and try to decide which ones you will keep and which ones you will throw away.

Your next task will be: sorting out your clothes for each season. This is necessary because it will be useless to run across you summer tops during winter. If you have the opportunity – it will be good if you can arrange your clothes on different shelves; or if not – you can put the winter clothes in bags and store them in a place, where they will not bother you. Don’t forget to put anti moth product in the bags if you don’t want to find out in a few months that your favorite sweater is ruined.

The next task is: sort out your clothes by taking into account what color they are and what type. You don’t only have to free some space in your closet, but you have to make the searching for clothes easier. For example – put your skirts away from your trousers. Arrange them according to their color – from the darkest one to the brightest ones. After doing so, put them on hangers and in your closet in the same order. If you think they need ironing – do it, this will save you a big amount of time in the future.

Now it is time to go through your shoes. There are two possible options for storing them. The first option is a closed locker for shoes, separated from your closet, the other option is – keep your shoes in boxes and write what on the inside of each box. That’s the easiest way to find the pair you need. When storing your shoes, you should keep in mind the same idea as for the clothes – keep winter boots away from sandals.

What should you do with the clothes you don’t need anymore?

Throw away all the old and worn-up clothes, and you can give away those pairs that don’t look good on you. Help your friends do the same with their closets and after doing so, you can get together and take a good look around. There might be things that don’t look good on you, but are perfect for them, or the other way around.

Don’t forget that you can also donate the clothes.

Author Bio: July Minor is freelance blogger. She loves everything related to home improvement. She is very happy with her current job at Muswell Hill carpet cleaners because it allows her to see a lot of different home interiors.

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