Top 5 Questions for Buying an Air Conditioner

When you have finally decided to buy an Air conditioner then the next thing that you have to do is you have to ask some questions to your retailer. By asking these questions you will get surer about your decision and will ultimately reach to the one that fits your requirements the best.

Well I would suggest if you are buying an AC then go for a Windows AC as these help in cooling a larger area i.e. one tidy package that is installed traditionally inside the double hug windows. There are many models in the market that can fit well on the walls. Rest is your wish. I can only suggest. Split ACs are not so bad that you cannot consider them for your home. Go with any of the two but do not forget to ask the following questions when you are going to buy an AC.

buying an air conditioner

There are a number of things that you should consider while shopping for Windows Air Conditioner. For example the size, shape and the type of AC that will fit best to your room. Let us discuss the 5major things that you need to consider:


1. Ask for the cooling capacity of the AC that you are planning to buy

Cooling capacity is something that should be taken into major consideration before you buy an AC. The cooling capacity of the unit is measured in British Thermal Units. If you want to get the best efficiency, stick with the unit that has its BTU level designed to fit your place exactly. A window AC with too little BTU power will run continuously and will try to cool a large space in your home and will completely ruin your energy budget.

2. Ask for the installation cost

Ask the service providers if they are going to install the AC unit for you or you have to hire some other services for getting your device installed. In general when you buy an air conditioner it is the duty of the retailer that he/she should help you in installing your Air conditioner.

When they will send a person with you for installing your AC, do not forget to see if he is carrying his complete kit of installation. When the unit has completely installed in your room or your home whether the window or the wall window it will sit inside the opening with the warm air exhaust system outside the room and cooling system inside the room.

3. Ask them for the electrical requirements

Well you have to be sure about the electricity consumption and energy requirement by the Air conditioner you are planning to install because these ACs ask for more electricity as compared to the other household appliances. Most of the air conditioners operate on 115, 125 or 220 volt circuits. Electrical equipments include amps, voltage and watts.

4. Do not forget to ask about energy efficiency

Your appliances should be energy star rated so that it makes sure that your AC will use 10 percent less energy as compared to the traditional models that keep you save on your money on the operating systems. The units with stars also features you better control over the energy output and the operation of the device. These devices include digital thermostats and multiple cooling speeds with them in order to save energy.

5. Ask for the Maintenance of your AC

Window air conditioners will ask for a regular cycle of maintenance that will keep them in top condition. These appliances are not very strong against the outside dirt and debris and this will get collected inside the unit and also on the back of the entire unit. If you keep it without giving any proper treatment it will only make your device perform slower and will reduce the efficiency of your device.

Hence these are the 5 crucial questions that you need to ask before buying an AC for your room or your complete house. They will help you in deciding what type of refrigerator and what size should you buy for your family.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I wonder if the HVAC contractor would be able to calculate the cooling capacity you need for your home. I can see that it would be very important that you know what ac unit you need to cool down your spaces. It would also help to being more efficient, and save money over time.

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