How Radiators Can be a Fashion Statement in the Home

Gone are the days when radiators were items that were best hidden away out of sight so they didn’t spoil the décor. Today, not every radiator has to be the same design throughout a home because you can choose a design to fit in with your décor as well as the theme of a room, and the best part is you can use modern radiators to make a very personal fashion statement in it.

Stylish modern radiator in a shower room

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Choosing a Radiator to Fit the Room

If you want a stylishly designed radiator that fits in well with the theme and style of a room, there’s a splendid choice out there to choose from. This naturally means you are bound to find the one to suit any room in the home. Bathrooms with gorgeous Victorian style cast iron radiators not only add the perfect finishing touch but they do so in style, making a fashion statement in the one room of the house where people love to relax.

Kitchens are the hub of the home in these modern times. It’s the room where the family congregates, where they grab a bite to eat and check their emails. A well-chosen and designed radiator can add a certain touch of homeliness to a kitchen and these days, there are some great colours too. It makes it that much easier to find one that fits in with existing décors.

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Classic Victorian style cast iron radiator adds a the finishing touch

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Add a Certain Cachet to Lounges & Living Rooms

When it comes to the lounge, the best radiators can add a certain cachet or even splendour to the room in a very dramatic or subtle way. Radiators are no longer just a means to transfer warmth into a room. Today they are thought of more as an item of furniture that adds a great look to the room. The heat is still there, but the visual effect of a radiator can be as pleasing as an antique piece of furniture or a superb modern sofa.

A Great Selection of Radiator Designs & Fashionable Colours

Designers today create some really stylish looking radiators that fit in with the modern home as well as people’s preferences and lifestyles. The choice of colours and finishes has improved beyond all measure too. There are even some bespoke abstract art radiators, perfect for the ultra-modern themed home. For a more traditional look, there’s a splendid choice of metal and cast iron radiators that come in just about every style and finish imaginable.

Flexible Choices Make Life Easier

When it comes to choosing the right radiator for a room there are many advantages to having modern designs installed. Not only can you make the sort of fashion statement you want, but more importantly the designs out there offer you a lot more flexibility. With such a massive choice of designs, finishes and colours, you can have a radiator placed in just about any area or space within a home without any problems or restrictions whatsoever.

That awkward space in a hallway where there was never enough room for an old style radiator, can now have a stylish modern one installed that uses up a minimum amount of floor space. The same goes for that small downstairs loo that nobody wanted to use because it was always freezing or the attic room where guests are asked to sleep in that was more like an ice box than a spare bedroom.


Modern radiators make life a lot easier when it comes to decorating a room; they no longer need to spoil the theme by being bland or ugly. There’s a heap of styles, colours and finishes to choose from which allows you to make the sort of fashion statement you want to make in a home, allowing you to add your own personal signature to each and every room.

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Erin Emanuel