Rainwater and tap water – What is the difference

Water is water right? It’s all pretty much the same? Surprisingly, that is not the case. The water that falls as rain is very different from that which comes from the tap in your home. It has not picked up any minerals or salts from the ground, and it has not been treated with chemicals.

Many gardeners will tell you that “soft” rainwater is better for growing plants than “hard” tap water. So, why is this case, and what does this mean for the water you use in your home?

The differences between rainwater and tap water

The water which falls as rain is regarded as soft because it does not contain minerals. These are picked up by the water after it has gathered, on the ground, or below it. Rainwater is also free from chemicals, such as chlorine, which are used to rid water of bugs, before it is sent along pipes, to your home.

rainwater is better for growing plants

Tap water has been treated with these chemicals. It has also picked up minerals and salts from the earth. It’s in a very different condition than it was when it first fell onto the ground, as rain.

What is the problem with tap water?

Gardeners will tell you that the acidic pH of “soft” rainwater means that it aids the provision of nutrients to plants far more effectively than tap water. Inside the home, there are practical reasons why tap water is not ideal. The minerals which are contained in this “hard” water can cause damage to sinks and appliances, such as washing machines. Add to this the fact the chlorine which is added to tap water can make it taste bad, and that tap water is full of substances such as pesticides and dirt, and you can begin to see the problem. You cannot just use rainwater in your home, as it has not been treated to ensure that it’s safe. So what should you do?

Why filtering water makes sense

The best way to obtain tap water that is free from the effects of chlorine, and from additives and minerals, is to use a water filtration system. You can opt to have a whole house system installed, or you can choose a counter-top water filter or an under sink water filter, which can provide you with the clean drinking water that you need.  There are numerous water filtration systems on the market, for you to choose from; click here for more information.

Using a water filtration system gives you the best of both worlds. You get the benefits of the treatments conducted by the water company, which improve the safety of water that originally fell as rain, and is found naturally. You also get fresh and clean water which is free from the taste of chlorine and which is not as hard, due to the removal of minerals. While rainwater may be best for the plants in your garden; you should rely on filtered tap water, to meet your needs.

Erin Emanuel

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