Re-arrange your bedroom for a better look

Everyone has a different idea of the ideal. So start exploring your options and take notes on your style , taste and bedroom needs. After you have collected colors, fabrics, scenes and ideas that inspire you, a style of your dreamy sleep sanctuary will start to take its shape. These notes will help streamline your vision and bring life to your ideal design.

Bed Room

Tips to make your dreams into a reality

Consider the following tips to turn your vision into a reality.

Décor tips

  • Do not clutter your bedroom. Keep your sanctuary clean and your accessories to a minimum to create a calming environment.
  • Use the plants and fresh flowers to bring new energy into your sanctuary and remove toxins from the air.
  • Be organized and get rid of any items in the bedroom that don’t serve a positive purpose in order to create more space. Also keep the work materials and unnecessary electronics out of your bedroom, like your laptop or desktop computer as your bedroom is not an office or a restaurant or a gym.
  • Try to reorganzie your accessories periodically to keep your bedroom fresh and fun.

Lighting tips

  • Try to use lighting to create a dramatic effect. The lamps you use should provide a soft glow.
  • You may even consider installing dimmer switches so you can control the lighting in your room and intensify it when needed.
  • Never sleep with the television on.
  • Try to get plenty of sunlight during daytime in your room.

Sound control tips

  • Take noisy electronics out of the bedroom including cell phones, computers and television. Steady and low sounds like the whir of a fan, air conditioner, air purifier help block out distracting noise.

Arrangement tips

  • Create harmony and balance in your bedroom. Try to keep your bed away from facing the doorway or windows and do your best to keep it located on a different wall than the window altogether.
  • Try to make sure that there is an unobstructed path to your bed to keep you from stepping on something or running into objects in the night.
  • Keep your nightstands within reach and choose pieces that are an appropriate height and in proportion to the elevation level of your bed.
  • You can create space in your room by making sure storage devices are closed and used to keep unnecessary items out of sight. Furthermore, if you select a bed that sits high off the floor and use furniture that is more vertical than horizontal you can easily create a more spacious feel.

Keep your room clean and simple .Maintain your sleep environment uncluttered, quiet, dark and cool.

By bringing these small changes to your bedroom environment, you can enjoy a better quality of life that results from your efforts as long as you are patient and take note of all the environmental and behavioral factors that play a role in the total sleep experience. Also remember that the return on your investment will be a happier and healthier life.

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Ali Jan Qadir has been working in the mattress industry for more than 10 years.  He is a recognized industry expert. He runs a blog where he shares his thoughts on the latest mattresses and answers common questions like which is the best adjustable mattress.

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