Reasons To Add A Conservatory To Your House

From time to time all homeowners will be approached by salesmen trying to sell them a conservatory.  It is easy to get irritated and dismiss the idea, but whilst this intrusion may be unwelcome at the time, a conservatory may be well worth considering as an addition to your home.  The upheaval of the construction is generally minimal and short term and there are some valuable benefits to be gained. Here are some reasons why you might wish to consider the addition of a conservatory.

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Living Space

A conservatory can add an extra room to your home affording extra space and storage and, of course, the ability to de-clutter the rest of the house. The addition could be particularly useful if you do not currently have a dining room and conservatories also make pleasant play rooms or sun lounges. The structure can be heated or air conditioned and the size is limited only by your budget and the extent of your garden.

Special Facility

If you have always yearned for a home gym or office but simply do not have a room to house them then a conservatory could be the ideal solution, offering a room with a view to exercise or work in. The extra space could also be perfect for those with a hobby like needlework or model making which require workspace and good light. Such hobbies are often awkward to accommodate in a small house as they require workspace and the storage of materials. Imagine not having to drag out all of your things when you want to make something!

The Garden

If you love your garden and enjoy spending time watching over it you would really benefit from the addition of a conservatory especially if you love watching the birds and other wildlife. You will have a window on the world to keep an eye on all of the activity that you usually miss. Conservatories make great retreats to read quietly too.


Although a the construction of a conservatory is a significant investment it will almost certainly add value to your home and at the very least make it more appealing and easier to sell when the time comes. The installation can be financed via your mortgage or a loan to make in order to make paying for it easily managed. You should recoup most or all of your investment when you sell the property but can enjoy the benefit of the extra space yourself whilst you are living there.


There are conservatories to suit any type of home whatever the style of the architecture and the size of the property. They can be a very sympathetic addition if chosen wisely and installed properly and most will not require planning permission. Be careful to keep the structure in proportion to the rest of the house and undertake regular maintenance and you will have the perfect addition without the upheaval of building an extension.

Food for Thought

There are plenty of good reasons to consider a conservatory. It is a big decision and a serious investment but you will love the extra space and flexibility they afford you and you have a good chance of getting your money back too!

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