Different Types of Prefabricated Garages and Reasons to Get Them

Portable and prefabricated garage structures make constructions so simple. These can be easily assembled, once the preferred material and size is chosen. However, getting the right prefab garage isn’t such an easy task. There are different kits and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. We are going to have a look at the commonly used one sin residential areas:

The Wooden Pole Barn Kit


These stout structures look like a shed and are based on wooden posts. Most people find them easy to customize and match with their homes. The entire support structure is made of wooden poles. The foundation needs holes to fit the poles in. To build further, you will place slats horizontally, then use metal sidings as preferred option. However, other types of sidings work too, as well as roof types. You may get a wooden floor with the kit, but this is not necessary to be included. Concrete is a more frequent choice. As for the finish, you may choose any level you wish.

The Steel Kit

A steel garage is easy to set up and resists well to fire and other hazards. Also, it will not be affected by insects. The two best appreciated designs are steel arches and steel tubing. Manufacturers produce various sizes so there’s plenty to choose from. When you want to pick an arch shape, however, make sure it’s not forbidden in your residential area. Steel tubing is more widely accepted.

To build a steel tubing garage, create a frame of interconnected steel tubes. Use screws to secure these. Because tubes are lightweight, handling them won’t be much of a trouble. A concrete floor is ideal for a structure like this. Consider a slab of concrete of the size you want your garage to be. Also, take into account what purposes you’ll give to this garage, namely what you plan to store inside. Anchor the steel tubes structure to the concrete. You may dig caissons if you don’t opt for that kind of floor.


Metal garages may not have the best looks and tend to be quite simplistic. These are the cheapest though and are great for storage purposes. To improve their appearance, you may opt for wooden siding.

Modular Garages

This type of prefabricated garages is the easiest to handle, as it represents a fully constructed garage. It can be shipped as it is or you will have to do the setup on the spot. You don’t need any professional knowledge to build this garage as needed. Simple as it may be though, the procedure still takes some effort. There could be plenty of pieces to fit.

Note that a good foundation is still needed here. Certain modular garage kits may come packed with a wooden flooring, too. However, if your garage is going to host a car then go for the concrete flooring.

A prefabricated garage should take long to set up. Usually it will not take longer than 3 days for the DIY enthusiast. Make sure you are allowed to place the new building on the selected terrain before buying a kit.


Erin Emanuel

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  1. All types of prefabricated garages you mention have aspects requiring proper planning and decision making. I like modular garages, they are affordable and highly customizable.

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