How rebuilding and remodeling can affect price of your home.

Rebuilding and remodelling a home can add a great deal of value to the property. Provided of course that it’s done correctly. Sometimes, improvements that have cost virtually nothing can add many thousands of Dollars to the home’s value. Whereas some improvements can cost a great deal of money, yet add virtually nothing, and may even lower the value of the property.

Getting the highest increase in value, for the least amount of money invested in home improvements depends upon whether or not you can adopt the mind-set of the buyer. Think about what you would like to see if you were viewing the home.

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The exterior of the property.

The exterior of the property is the shop window of the home. It’s the first thing that would-be buyers look at. And first impressions last. There are some very cost-efficient home improvements that can be carried out, that will make your property stand out among other listed properties.

If the property does not have a garage, it can be very off-putting to buyers who are worried about on-street parking. Building a garage may cost a lot, but the value added to the property will exceed the costs. Especially if you’re capable of doing it yourself.

If you’re thinking of adding an extension to the home, it can add value, but it may also make the garden appear tiny. Rendering it useless. An extension is only really profitable when the size of the garden is adequate to allow it.

Landscaping a garden can be very worthwhile when it comes to adding value. An unkempt and overgrown garden can be a big turn off for buyers, as it sews the seeds of doubt in their minds. They may wonder: If the garden’s this bad, what’s the rest of the property like?. It will make them think that the property is a fixer-upper rather than good-to-go.

So the garden should be landscaped to a high-standard as a matter of priority. Garden landscaping is a low-cost, but labor-intensive activity if you do it yourself. A nice garden can add thousands onto the value of a home. Freshly laid grass is quite cheap, but can look outstanding in real-estate listings. Outdoor seating and rockery features are also low-cost, but look great. Be wary of installing water features, as families with young children may avoid them for safety reasons. A garden path and decking can look fantastic, as people imagine themselves eating their evening meals outdoors on a summer day.

A brick barbecue is also a low-cost improvement. You can buy the grill, tray and mountings very cheaply. Then it’s just a case of constructing three waist-high walls on top of a concrete base.

Interior of the home.

Rebuilding and remodelling the interior of the home can be a little more difficult. Particularly as you have to consider factors such as; load bearing walls, wiring, water pipes and gas pipes. If you’re in the least bit unsure; call in an expert. D.I.Y mishaps of this nature can be very expensive to rectify. Never attempt to remove an interior wall unless you absolutely know what you’re doing.

The amount of bedrooms and bathrooms in a property is very important when it comes to the value of the home. Having upstairs rooms that are home-offices or utility rooms is not getting the most amount of value out of the property for the space. Turn these rooms into bedrooms or on-suite bathrooms if you can.

An attic conversion is also worth considering. Buyers are much more likely to appreciate an extra bedroom than an attic for storage space.

If you have a neglected cellar, it’s a good idea to damp-proof it and turn it into a usable room. You could turn it into a home-theater, a gym, an office or a man-cave. It’s much more valuable as a room than as a cellar.

If you can do most of the work yourself – which many people can with a little research – some of these rebuilding and remodelling improvements can be very, very cheap. And they will add a substantial amount of value into your home.

If you are not very handy when it comes to this kind of work, then employing someone to carry out the work can also be cheap. But you should look for a good portfolio of recent work that is similar to what you require. Make sure you obtain an accurate quote, and employ a reputable firm. Family and friends may be able to recommend good builders who’ve carried out work for them in the past.

Erin Emanuel