How to redecorate your dining room on a budget

If you are the lucky one to have a separate dining area in your house, then you need to definitely redecorate the room once in a while to provide a fresh and new look. But redecorating can be a costly affair especially when it involves some major changes in the room. However hope is not lost. There are innumerable budget friendly redecorating tactics that can be used to provide a renewed look to your dining area. Here are few tips to redecorate the dining room on a budget.

Dinning Room

  • Rearranging the furniture is the most budget friendly décor tactic that can be adopted. If the dining room is spacious enough and if the dining furniture is kept on one side, moving it from its present location can bring about a complete change in the look of the room.
  • Furniture covers are mainly used to protect the furniture from scratch. But the furniture cover itself can create a décor statement in your dining area. Replacing a plain furniture cover with a floral printed or geometric patterned one can change the entire appearance of the dining room. Changing the table cloth also brings about the same effect. This project is much cheaper than changing the entire furniture. Moreover it also helps in hiding the imperfections, if any, in the furniture.
  • Rug is another accessory that can create a style statement in a room. If purchasing a new rug is costly, then exchange the dining area rug with that of bedroom or study area. But make sure that the rug color complements the wall color and furniture cover.
  • If you are in need of additional furniture like sideboard or buffet in your dining room, then purchase one from thrift shop, garage sale or online classified site and provide a fresh coat of paint.
  • Accessories plays a very important role in bringing about a new look to the room. Changing the shade of the chandelier, a new centerpiece or flower arrangement on the table, a new wall art or mirror etc. can bring about the much needed change to the dining area.

If you have creative talent and like doing DIY projects, then the following simple projects can transform the look of the room.

  • Paint or knit around old wine bottle and place it in the center of the table as a flower vase or candle stand. Similarly make pillar candles, tie it up with a contrast satin ribbon and use it as a décor piece.
  • Use old cd and convert it into a tea coaster or join 2-3 cd’s together to make a wall art.
  • Use locally available material to spice up the look. For eg; during autumn season, make use of the autumn leaves and dry flowers in your backyard to make a flower arrangement.
  • If you have the flair for painting, draw up a neat work and hang it on the wall.

The above tips are not only easy and simple but also budget friendly. Following these tips will help you transform the look of the dining area without leaving a hole in your pocket.

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