Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom with Night Black Tiles

Bathroom design and finish is commonly represented through light colors and shine. To some, the thought of using dark materials, black ones especially, is a bit of a shocker. Still, black bathrooms are essentially stylish and attractive.

To achieve success to such bathroom styling, you must know how to use black tiles. Don’t feel intimidated by the color, you can still have all the light you desire, as long as you mind the following tips.

Aim for dynamic contrasts

Although all-dark bathrooms can be extremely appealing, you can follow this recent trend and opt for strong contrasts. Cover a wall in black tiles and make this alternative. Make the next one white, then another black one, then back to white. You may as well pair two similar ones. Another method is by making the floor black and perhaps use a similar row of tiles close to the ceiling, to create a matching surface. Also, adding a beautiful white bath tub will help this contrast.


Mix with natural elements

Black tiles usually have a cold, rough aspect. These are luxurious, but are also a truly modern choice. If you find that too much, you can soften the harshness of black by mixing it with ‘warmer’ materials. Complete this with tiles that resemble natural stone in neutral or warm colours. Wood or marble are equally suitable. A medium beige is an excellent choice. This creates a more natural effect and your new bathroom can truly feel welcoming and cosy. Also, you may want to add a rug with a very natural aspect – a cream shaggy one for example.

Pick the right lighting

The amazing Night Black tiles look great in the light of day, but artificial lighting can take away their charm. Opt for a warm light – golden would work extremely well in this case. Also, you may be daring and choose pieces that are nicely adorned. Crystals, golden and bronze ornaments are ideal here and create a wonderful, regal contrast with the black tiles. This design also allows for glamorous light fixtures, such as small chandeliers.



Introduce a pattern

Not seduced by an all-black wall? Perhaps you’d like to introduce a pattern into the design. Have an intermediary piece between two walls, a black and a white one. Cover this in a black and white pattern. It will completely break the monotony and the harsh contrast, allowing for a gentle transition between the two opposites. Alternatively, you may opt for small tiles or decorative elements, placed all over a black wall to break its monotony. Small scintillating tiles also do the trick.

Add shine!

This is welcome especially if your black tile of choice is rather matte. Dark hues call for a lot of shine, which generates a very subtle contrast. Have glass surfaces in the bathroom and use large mirrors. Choose shiny metallic fixtures. Shiny elements mean more light reflected around.

When black is too dark and you’d rather opt for brown or grey tiles, you can still use these tips to create a super-stylish and welcoming bathroom.


Erin Emanuel

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  1. What a bold look! I’d love to see how people work with black tiles like this in their bathroom. Thanks for sharing!

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