Remodeling Dreams: Best Places to Add More Natural Light

The level and intensity of natural light in your house can significantly affect your mood. Natural light makes rooms feel more lively and vibrant, and can perk you up when feeling down. Natural light can also improve your energy bill when you use less electricity, and heating. A simplified project, rather than a complete remodel, can make your house more dynamic and contribute significantly to solving your concerns; all at a lower budget.

If you’re looking to add a bit more pizazz to your space without preparing a complete overhaul, think about where you might add more light. There are many different places and methods you can use to add natural light into your existing rooms and no one way is better than another. Keep these tips in mind when you think about remodeling and adding more natural sun in your life.

Install Additional Windows

windowsSliding doors can be great for opening up a small space and creating a bigger window. However, adding double-hung windows on the sides of the door can increase the total area that allows light to the room as well. Think about how you might add windows on each side of the fireplace or living room centerpiece without impacting on the quality of the room. A kitchen cabinet that is not high priority can be removed to add a window in the kitchen as well. Think about closed off bathrooms that don’t get any natural light. It might be possible to fit in a small window and shed some natural sun into the room. Installing new windows is easy when you have a good design in mind. Places like Five Star Windows Inc offer a variety of panes and styles and will help you install them if you don’t want to do the heavy lifting during your remodeling project.

Consider Installing Skylights

Skylights, also known as Tubular Daylighting Devices, are used to provide the much need light energy from the sun without any harmful side effects. They are installed on the house’s roof and transmit sunlight inside the house through a soft glow that doesn’t have a glaring beam. Consider proper and precise installation as they can be the genesis of leakage problems in your home. Skylights are the perfect additions to any bathroom, kitchen or small room. A living room might suffer if you want mood lighting and to reduce glares on the television, so think carefully about the places you can put yours.

Demolish Less Critical Walls to Widen Doorways

Tearing down walls that seem unnecessary in your house will make a room look much wider, especially if it touches the doorways. If you’re able to, think about including these kinds of bigger renovations in your project since they can allow more natural light to enter through more paths. If you can’t tear down a whole wall, widen doorways or go for French door installation with more panes added in. Glass doors can look quite elegant and open up more space. This way you get more light at less of a cost.

Utilize Glass Doors

Using glass doors is a great method to allow more natural light into your house. The different styles in the market should offer you a comfortable range to choose from. For privacy purposes, you can use tinted or frosted glass so it’s a bit harder to see in. Use glass that has been treated a few times and won’t break or shatter easily. Think about adding gates and sliding screens where possible on the porch so you can still get the air and sunlight you want as well. A closed off patio is perfect for both summer and winter and you can enjoy the sun to its fullest in both seasons. You can even add in a window or two to your garage. It can help with airing out musty space and make sure your most industrial room stays natural. The more variety in where your light enters from, the better.

Choose Paint Colors Ideal for Dark Rooms

Neutral colors are ideal for use in dark rooms. Use such colors as white and gray to improve the places you deem as dark. The ceiling is also a good place to incorporate colors that feel lighter, such as sky blue ceilings. Lighter wall colors will in turn lighten up your house. You can also use mirrors to bounce more natural light between rooms. Use what you already have and play up the light sources you love best.

Investing in projects that will lighten up your dark rooms is a great way to ensure the energy bills are moderated, besides being a payback method, especially if you plan to sell your house. Ensure you choose the right places and approaches to bring more light to your house and you will be more natural in no time.


Erin Emanuel