5 Things You Must Know About Removable Mesh Pool Fences

A swimming pool fence is one way to reduce occurrence of accidents when you are not near the swimming pool. A majority of experts do agree that there is no better way of ensuring safety and protection than alert and watchful adults who watch over the swimming pool while children and others are enjoying the pool. However, the issue of pool safety is of great importance even when the family members aren’t gathered at the swimming pool. Good pool fences restrict immediate access to the pool ensuring safety for the children, neighbors and visitors. Here are 5 things a homeowner needs to know about a removable mesh pool fence.


What Is A Removable Mesh Pool Fence?

A removable mesh pool fence is one of the most famous safety product used by homeowners for maintenance of swimming pool safety. They are difficult to climb, very versatile, and can be removed with ease. There is a swimming pool fence plan for every pool, water feature, and spa. Each fence pole is made of aircraft type aluminum, and the wire mesh is exceedingly strong and almost indestructible. For high convenience and safety, you can decide to include a lockable, self-latching and self-closing pool gate.

Why Choose A Removable Mesh Pool Fence?

A majority of homeowners choose a removable mesh pool fence because of their convenience, durability, good look, versatility, and low cost. They are offered in many swimming pool fence options including paint styles, gate options, mesh styles, pole styles, colors, and multiple heights. Mesh pool fencing is commonly approved by foster care, day care and adoption agencies as a primary pool safety device.

How Is A Removable Mesh Pool Fence Installed?

On the morning of your swimming pool fence installation, the crew will request to know your desired layout. After you approve your final plan, the installation process starts by drilling the holes, insertion of the sleeves and fence customization. Holes can be drilled into the deck by use of a diamond-tipped core drill or a rotary hammer drill. Either way, the installer will require access to electricity and water. Once the installation process is complete, the installer demonstrates how the pool fence is removed and replaced plus how the gate is adjusted. In most cases, the installation process is completed within the first day. Longer and more complicated fences may take a maximum of two days to install.

How Strong Are Removable Mesh Pool Fences?

The pool fence tension is the one that prevents children from removing the mesh pool rail by them. The fence makes it impossible for the kids to climb since there is nothing they can step on to support their feet as they climb over the fence. These fences use the most robust and thoroughly tested components and materials in the industry. A professional pool fence manufacturer and installer such as, All-Safe Pool Fences (AllSafePool.com), use the absolute strongest and most tested materials and components in the industry. They use the 2 strongest poles available when measured by break strength and mesh material that cannot be torn under normal circumstances.

Maintaining A Removable Mesh Pool Fence

Removable mesh pool fences are not completely indestructible. If a strong force is applied at the right place against the pole, the pole can break or bend. However, since the force required against the pole needs a lot of velocity and weight for this to occur, it is not kids who ever break or bend poles. The material of the fence mesh can be split with sharp objects such as scissors and knives. Both the poles and the mesh are repairable if damaged.

Do you want to maintain your pool fence in a good condition? If yes, you can choose to store your fence while not in use. These rails are fully removable and easy to maintain. An optional deck plug is available and can be used to cover each hole that is left on the deck after the pool fence is removed. The swimming pool fence rolls up in a beautiful way for easy storage. Various factors determine the amount of time taken to remove each fence and set it back. Average set-up and removal is between five to ten minutes per fifteen-foot section plus the gate.

There are several types of pool fencing available on the market, but very few are designed specifically for pool safety. It is highly suggested to go with a reputable company such as, All-Safe Pool Fence if you want to purchase and install a pool fence because they been installing mesh pool fences for over 20 years and has never had a reported accident. Going this route will ensure you and your family will have a safe and secure environment around your swimming pool.


Erin Emanuel


  1. I’ve never used a mesh pool fence but it seems like a good option. I like the versatility this type of pool fence seems to have. I like that you’ve included maintenance tips as well, this should give me a good idea of what to expect in upkeep. Thanks for the helpful info.

  2. I recently had a pool installed. I just want to make sure that kids don’t wander in unattended! I’ll make sure that I have a nice pool fence installed.

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