How To Remove Adhesive from Concrete: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you remove a carpet or tiles from your concrete floor, some adhesive is often left behind. This adhesive residue must be removed before you stain or recover the concrete with tiles, carpet or wood. Getting rid of the glue can be a troublesome job, especially if it is there from many years. However, when you know the right way to remove the glue, and the right tools to use, the job can be done quite easily. This article aims to give you the right knowledge to accomplish the task. This knowledge, combined with your hard work and determination, will enable you to get adhesive free concrete.

Adhesive remover


Here are the steps you need to follow to remove adhesive from concrete:

1. Choose an adhesive remover

The first step is to choose the product that suits best to your job at hand. Adhesive remover come in a wide range. There are safe and user-friendly removers available that are made up of soy bases or citric acid. Adhesives that are tough to remove will require you to go for solvent-based removers. Clean Up Solvent 22 is one of the most effective glue removers, which eliminates glue residues efficiently from concrete, matrix and counters.

2. Apply the remover to the glue

Using a trowel or brush, apply the glue remover to the area of adhesive. Read the directions given in the remover about how long it should be left on the glue. Leave it on the glue for that time.

3. Check out if the glue comes out

Scrape a small portion of the glue area to test if the adhesive has detached. If you find that the glue is not coming out easily, let the remover stay on the area for a bit more time.

4. Scrape the full area

Use a flat-edged trowel, putty knife or scraper to scrape the complete adhesive area. Try to remove as much as glue as possible.

5. Apply one more remover coat if required

If the entire glue does not come out, consider applying another coat of the adhesive remover. Keep it for some time and scrape again. Repeat this process until the entire glue comes out.

6. Wipe the extra glue and rinse with water

Wipe the excess glue in the area using rags and then rinse the part with water thoroughly.

7. Let the area dry

Allow the area to dry well prior to putting tiles, wooden flooring or new carpet over it. Painting or staining should be done only after the surface dries completely.

Additional Advice:

  • Before starting with the adhesive removal process, consider trying out the remover in a small test area. This will give you an idea of how the product works, and will let you know whether the job needs a strong solvent-based product.
  • The removal process may be more easy and quick when you work in small portions of the area at a time. This would also prevent any wastage of remover.
  • Read the remover’s directions for use thoroughly, to know the drying time and other important details. When you know the right drying time, you can prevent the product from staying for too long or too short time. Read the warnings mentioned on the label as well.


  • Do not scrape the complete area until the remover has softened the adhesive sufficiently. Your task would become more difficult if you scrape the surface before giving the remover adequate time to soften the adhesive.
  • If you use solvent-based products, remember that such removers are highly flammable. When working with them, make sure that your place of work is well ventilated. This will safeguard you from breathing in hazardous fumes.
  • After applying the remover, observe the surface and ensure that the product does not dry off. If the remover is left for too long, the adhesive may harden again before you start with the scraping.

By following these steps, you can get rid of adhesive from concrete in a hassle free manner. When the concrete is free from any residual glue, staining or laying tiles or wood can be done more efficiently.

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  1. As well as a trowel or putty knife, a wire brush can be really helpful in removing adhesive.

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