How to Remove Adhesive Residue from Glass – Tips from Adhesive Manufacturer

On removal of price stickers for product which we use daily mainly discovers a sticky stuff on the product which are nothing but the adhesives used for sticking price tags or stickers on products, while clinging out the labels or tags the residue of those adhesives used in the product.As we all know that glass products (products manufactured from glass) are facing a common problem of these adhesives, as the labels or tags stuck on it is removed it leaves behind sticky stuffs which makes our condition worse and us irritated while in try to wash off the sticky stuff from the glass buy using soaps and sink but hardly anything happens except the adhesive stuff gets more dirty and dark and smells foul. Sometimes it may happen that glass products such as jars and container mainly which don’t eliminate the adhesive part from it although after several practices look awkward inside a house but can be used for outdoor storage purposes mainly, such as for storing pickles in it.


Adhesives made by adhesive manufacturers

The Adhesive manufacturers are the one who manufactures this type of adhesives which once used for a purpose such as labeling products sticks to it very strongly. These Strong adhesives have some merits as well as drawbacks. The merits of this adhesives classify its strong and powerful bond as an once stuck with help of these strong adhesives makes a strong bond between the object and the thing to which it is stuck and its drawbacks include its adhesive impressions which remains on the things to which it is used for example, on commercial construction of doors and windows of steel or hardwood flooring, the steel and hardwood(wood ply) used contains labels of the company where it was manufactured and the point of view are the labels which are stuck to these steel and ply wood are done with same type of strong adhesives and at the time of removal of this labels those adhesive stuff impressions remains behind which are removed with the help of few chemicals.

Steps to remove Adhesive Residues from Glass:

  • In order to start first we need to wash the glass containing adhesive stains thoroughly with water then with soap and after a thorough scrubbing and washing of glass.
  • Make it dry by rubbing it with tissue paper or cotton cloth then give it a firm position and start clinging off the remaining small papers stuck to the glass object carefully.
  • Now the turn comes for nail polish as it is a good cleaning compound formed of acetone which is a good cleaning reagent and it works on most adhesives, clean the adhesive part with nail polish properly, we can also use warm soap water or oily substance such as grease to clean the adhesive portions.
  • Then apply a small amount of spirit in a cotton ball and rub it on the sticky adhesive part, wipe the sticky stained area perfect with the cotton ball making the adhesive part (stained) part saturated another thing which can be done in spite of using cotton balls for cleaning is direct spray of spirit on the adhesive portion which is quiet easier.
  • After waiting for few minutes again we need to wipe the sticky area with a clean tissue paper and on repeating this procedure several times the adhesive stains are removed from the glass very nicely and makes the glass clean look clean and clear.
  • Another simplest and greenest method in order to remove adhesive residues from glass containers can be done with the help of olive oil and elbow grease. When glass containers are coated with a thin layer of olive oil, the residue comes off, after that little amount of elbow grease is scrubbed on the containers to remove the sticky stuff completely and at last the glass container is washed thoroughly with water and the glass container becomes completely clean and clear as the adhesive residues are washed off the glass becomes label free.

This article is written by Justin, He works for Bondtech Industries, the best adhesive manufacturers in Canada.

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  1. This was a fun article to read. I don’t know much about this kind of stuff. I’m dong a science project on glass Cambridge and its been extremely fun so far. I’ve learned about so many things I had no idea about!

  2. Good advice about removing adhesive residue . Adhesive manufacturers may think about some product removing those residues.

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