Renovate With Style – 6 Must Have Items For A Boy’s NFL Bedroom

Creating a boys bedroom with an NFL theme is extraordinarily easy because there’s no shortage of NFL merchandise available. You can find most everything you need from the shop section of, which has the largest selection of all NFL merchandise. You can find everything from bedding, furniture, school supplies and flooring, all bearing the team logo of your choosing.


Get Your Kid Involved in the Renovation

Have your child help you pick out the decorations and even let them draw up a diagram of how they want the final product to look. Children are full of creativity and their bedroom theme is where they can unleash their full creative powers, giving them a sense of empowerment and encouraging them to be unique and individualistic. When I was a child, my room was totally decked out in Ninja Turtles decorations, and since I was afraid of the dark I even had a Ninja Turtles night-light.

A Little or a Lot – How Much You Do is Up to You

If you’re not on a tight budget and don’t mind spending the extra cash, you can really make a boy’s room extra awesome by setting up their computer area with NFL themed mousepads, keyboards and computer chairs. With all the cool merchandise out there, I’ve narrowed down the  must have items that any boy would love to have in their themed bedroom. I’ll also show you how to easily obtain an autographed photo of most NFL players, which is a must have for any child who’s an avid sports fan.

  • NFL Fatheads – Giant vinyl cutouts that are used as wall decals, these are very realistic and lifelike, giving the impression that the player is standing in the room in mid-action pose. Throw a few of these up to simulate an on-going game happening live on the walls!
  • NFL Wireless Mouse – If your kid loves going online to read sports news and pick fantasy football leagues, buy them a wireless mouse from the NFL store. They’re actually comfortable and affordable compared to many other wireless mouses on the market.
  • Team Logo Speakers – Speakers with a team logo are available from the NFL store and can be attached to any music device like an iPod, but they can also be attached to the computer or TV when your child is watching a game.
  • Homefield Area Rug – Instead of putting down astroturf in a bedroom, simply buy an area rug that is designed to look like a stadium. They come available with team logos to replicate a home stadium, and your child will have fun playing with NFL figures and using the area rug as a playing field.
  • Custom Team Jersey – Your little guy would love a team jersey, but he’d love it even more if it had his name across the back. Luckily, NFL offers custom jerseys all other sorts of merchandise that can be personalized in their custom shop.
  • Autographed Photographs – To easily obtain a player’s autograph, look up the address to the team’s home stadium and send a self-returning envelope. Address it to the care of the player, and write a short note about how your son is a huge fan. Most players will send it back within a few weeks depending on their schedule, and they’ll appreciate not being approached in a parking lot or restaurant.

Don’t Dismiss Discount Shopping

If your child doesn’t mind spending some time at the thrift stores, you can find a lot of really cool memorabilia to collect. I’ve found a lot of old sports trading cards and neon team logo signs while browsing through retro stores. If you’re hunting down a particular item, it’s always worth browsing eBay, especially if you give your child a budget. They’ll start to learn that they don’t need everything they want the first few times they’re outbid on an item.

I remember one time I found a matching pair of retro Coca Cola machines that I absolutely had to put in my garage, and I’ve always imagined they would look great in my son’s bedroom the day I decide to teach him the importance of having an awesome bachelor pad. For now, he’ll have to be content with the vintage jerseys we found at a salvation army, and I can tell him about the players I grew up idolizing.

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