3 Thoughts On Repairing Your Roof During Winter Season Home Owners Should Seriously Consider

A lot of people have been asking questions about installations and when’s the best time to do them. Some argue that winter installations are an absolute don’t, while some say it’s the perfect time to have your roof or windows installed.

So, what’s the real deal? What are the pros and cons of roof installation during winter? Is it even possible to install your roof during winter?


… Below are some of the best compiled answers to this burning question.

Pro: The Price is Right

One huge advantage of winter installations is the price. As long as you can find a reliable local roofer in your area who is willing and able to provide for your winter installation needs, then it’s settled.

The peak season for installations are usually summer or spring. And because it’s peak season, the prices skyrocket. However, during winter, very few people are asking for installations so the demand is really low.

Some companies would actually be willing to haggle a bit when it comes to prices so make sure you have your haggling cap on. The best that most companies could offer you are some nifty price slashes.

It’s important to take note that not all companies offer winter services. There are a lot of factors that would affect roof installations.

Anyone with the basic tools & knowledge in roof installation will tell you that winter installations are tricky, but possible. So make sure you have a reliable roofer, and if not sure, seek advice with a local professional roofer.

Con: The Human Factor

Our roofers are living, breathing, normal human beings. They are also susceptible to the cold, so as mentioned above, not all roofers are willing to do installations during winter. The human factor has a huge effect in this matter, because there are tons of things to consider.

First off, roof installations are dangerous during peak seasons, and more so during winter. The slippery slopes increases the risk factor for the roofer, and not many are willing to take on that risk. Second factor is the gear.

Not only are roofs dangerous and slippery, but roof installations require a lot of gear. And if your roofer will have that gear, plus a ton of winter clothes, they are in trouble of getting out of balance. If they don’t dress up for the occasion on the other hand, they might freeze up.

This is why the first question you ask yourself is if you really need a roof installation. It could be easy for you to tell whether you need it or it could wait until the weather improves. If you don’t, contact someone who does, or better yet, a professional. It never hurts to ask for help, if it will save lives and save you money as well.

Con: The Gear and the Materials

Roofers require a lot of materials and use many different tools. Some of them are winter-proof, but some of them are not. A quick example is the nail gun.

The gun will have to be adjusted for colder temperatures, and it might not only cost you more, but it might also take the installation longer. Compressors also pose a problem, since the cold weather reduces the air flow.

If your roof only needs a little fixing, there could still be some problems up ahead. Someone with the DYI experience will tell you that shingles should be out of the picture during winter. Yes, it is possible for shingles to be attached during winter, but an expert would tell you it’s tricky.

Not all winter roofers would suggest this, but once you find one that’s quite of an expert, then you’re lucky. Sealants also pose a big problem because they need a certain temperature to bond with the materials.

In the end, as with any big decision, you have to clearly decide early on if you want a winter roof installation or not. Always contact a professional or an expert, and never rely on what you can see or what only you know. It’s always best to consult the pros regarding delicate matters like these.

In conclusion, the answer to the question “Can I change my roof at winter” is a resounding “yes”. However, there are quite the limitations, so consider it very carefully. Is it really worth it? Do you really need it now? Can’t it wait until the weather warms a little?

After all things are considered, that’s the only time you will have to find a good roofer. It’s never a good idea to find a roofer and just back out after you’ve thought about it more.

Erin Emanuel