How To Replace A Kitchen Faucet In 4 Simple Steps

Replacing your old leaking kitchen faucet is not as hard as you may be thinking. Moreover you do not have to be a professional in order to do it. There are some basic rules you need to follow and you will have a brand new faucet in no time. Learning how to do it yourself will also help you save money and you will be able to enjoy the new product almost as soon as you purchase it. Find out how to replace a kitchen faucet by following the 4 steps presented bellow.

Tools You Needed

If you plan to replace the kitchen faucet yourself than you need to know that there are certain tools required. If you do not have them all you can borrow from family or friends. You also have to be very patient and follow the steps accordingly. Usually all faucets come with specific instructions so take your time to read them before you start working.


The following tools are used by professionals when they replace/install a faucet. You may not need them all, but it is better to have them near otherwise you may not be able to fulfill your task. Faucets differ in designs and installation parts so make sure you have: 4-in-1 screwdriver, hammer, handsaw, tube cutter, wrench set.

Buy A Faucet

When you order a faucet online you are usually told a date and approximate hour when you will receive it. Still do not remove your old faucet before you get your new one. You can only start the installation process when you have all the requested tools and materials near you. It is the best way to prevent frustrations and wasted time.

If you do not plan to replace your sink as well it is important to know that the number of valves can differ to the ones of the faucet. Remember to check this aspect and see if they match. If the sink has more valves than the faucet than you must consider purchasing some shut-off valves in order to be able to complete your task without further delays. There are certain faucets manufacturers that include them with the faucet so remember to check it when you decide over a certain product.

How To Replace A Kitchen Faucet Easy And Fast

You will see that replacing your kitchen faucet is not such a hard task once you learn how to do it. It is important to follow these 4 steps accordingly in order to manage to make it work properly. Also remember to read any additional instructions that come with the faucet. It is also advisable to do this activity while stores are still opened in case you will need any additional parts.

Step 1 – Turn off the water supply

It is mandatory to turn off the water supply before starting any other activity. The hot and cold water valves can be found under the sink. If they are not located there you do not need to worry as you can turn off the main valve. In order to clear the lines of the remained water and pressure remember to turn on the faucet and wait for a couple of minutes. Now you are ready to start the uninstall process.

Step 2 – Remove the old faucet

In order to be able to remove your old faucet you will need a basin wrench. This tool can help you reach connections that cannot be undone with your hands. While you disconnect the two water lines you will most probably need a towel to clean the water that drains out. It will not be much if you remember to turn on the faucet before you start to uninstall it. You will also need to disconnect the faucet from the sink before trying to lift it.

Step 3 – Remove the drain

Once the faucet is out you can focus on the drain. You will also need to use a cloth in case of water leaks. If you own the faucet for a long time you will see mineral spirits underneath the silicone sealant. Remember to clean them off before installing the new faucet. You will also need to clean the faucet holes. Just be careful not to scratch the sink’s surface.

Step 3 – Install your new faucet

Once the old faucet is out and the area is cleaned you can start installing the new one. When you install the faucet make sure you follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturers otherwise you will not be able to use the warranty in case it leaks or does not work properly. Not all brands come pre-assembled so you may need to attach the handles.

When you start working under the sink remember to use a screwdriver to fix the mounting nut to the faucet tailpiece. Make it firm with the help of a basin wrench. The spray hose needs to be connected to the faucet tailpiece. After this you can attach the supply tubes to the hot and cold water lines. Remember that cold water is on the right and hot on the left.

Step 4 – Check the faucet

Once you have finished the installation it is important to check if the faucet works properly. There may be some wastes or sediments in the faucet so it is advisable to unscrew the aerator when you turn it on for the first time. Let the water flow for a couple of minutes and check if everything is in its place and if there are any leaks. If everything works properly you can place the aerator back and the kitchen faucet is ready to use.


As it can be seen anybody can learn how to replace a kitchen faucet. You do not need to have additional training, just the right tools and patience to read all the instructions. Remember not to force or break any parts of the faucet. Checking the water flow and pressure is mandatory to complete the job.


Erin Emanuel

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  1. It’s great that replacing a kitchen faucet can be done so easily. I was concerned when my faucet needed to be replaced, but now I feel like getting the job done is more feasible. I’ll remember to clean off the mineral spirits under my silicone sealant before having the new faucet installed. Thanks for the tips!

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